If you’re new to yoga and are considering getting into a beginner yoga routine yourself (hi! hello! welcome! so glad to have you!), you might be feeling a little overwhelmed.  For instance, you may be wanting to know what yoga styles for beginners are available?

Core Points!

  • Beginner Yoga – The best place to start! You will learn the basic foundational poses and simple transitions. [more]
  • Slow Flow Yoga – The next step up after learning the basics. Transitions between poses in this flow are slow; the focus is on holding each pose longer and stretching the muscles. [more]
  • Low Impact Cardio Yoga – Free flows with faster transitions. Your heart will be pumping, however the movements are low impact on your body so you won’t be worked too hard. [more]
  • Stress Buster Yoga – These classes will give your body a challenging workout while also testing your mindfulness along the way. [more]
  • Cardio Yoga – A step up from Low Impact Cardio Yoga. Here, you will break a sweat and push your limits! [more]
  • Advance Flow Power Yoga – Now you’re in the big leagues! This is a fast and fiery flow with quick transitions between poses and little rest time. Show ‘em who’s boss! [more]

There are so many resources for beginner yoga out there and you may not be sure where to start. When there’s too much information available, it’s easy to abandon ship and give up the idea altogether. According to Men’sHealth, the toughest step to make is the first one … and it’s usually the most rewarding! 

You have so much to gain from yoga, so taking the time to learn the basics is totally worth it. We’ve broken them down into a little handbook of yoga styles for beginners. 

Trust us — it’s going to change the game.


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Trying yoga has never been more fun and accessible! 😎


Types of Yoga for Beginners



Getting a basic understanding of yoga styles for beginners is key for every yoga rookie in the game.

One of the coolest things about yoga is that it can work for people at pretty much every stage of their life (prenatal yoga, yoga for kids, and, of course, yoga for grown-ups) and there are plenty of styles to choose from, even for yoga beginners who are just starting to explore the benefits of a yoga workout. 

Having plenty of options is obviously great, but you want to know what you’re getting into before you actually begin. Otherwise, you might panic and choose a yoga class that isn’t the right match for your fitness level.

All of our online yoga classes are accessible for all (and we’re really proud of that!), but ideally, you’ll pick one that meets you exactly where you are. 


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Variety is the spice of (yoga) life

It’s not just about your fitness level, either. There is such variety in yoga styles for beginners that you might choose a different style based on your mood, stress level, or plain old personal preference. There are also certain classes that are better suited to specific fitness goals.

Yoga classes have health benefits across the board, but isn’t it nice to be able to target your workouts for weight loss, increased flexibility, pain management, cardio, and more?

Yeah. It’s pretty great. 

Per Parade, yoga in all forms is one of the best exercises to strengthen your core.

Once you have a handle on the yoga styles for beginners that are available, you can tailor your workouts more than ever before. 

And if you’re looking for more than just yoga: Check out the Jump-Start Challenge Video Playlist


The Types of Yoga Styles for Beginners


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Beginner Yoga

You know what they say about starting at the beginning. It’s the best place to start! This may be a cliche, but that just means that it’s true. 

It goes beyond cliches, too. Experts confirm that you should get down to basics whenever you’re exploring a new fitness activity.

According to Dr. Cedric Bryant on WebMD, “When people go about it too aggressively early in [a] program, they tend not to stick with it over the long haul. What you really want to do is develop some new habits that you can stick with for a lifetime.”

Per Dr. Bryant, starting with beginner classes is a good way to ensure that yoga becomes a long-term habit… but it also gives you the chance to learn the building blocks you’ll need in your yoga journey. You’ll get comfortable with beginner yoga poses and your instructor will share helpful yoga resources for beginners. 

Once you’ve taken these basic beginner classes, you can choose which other yoga styles for beginners you want to experiment with. That brings us to… 


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Slow Flow Yoga

Slow flow yoga is ideal yoga for beginners because it’s, well, slow! It’s the perfect yoga style for anyone who wants a little extra time to understand and get into common poses. Your instructor will move you through a yoga flow slowwwwly so you can make sure your body is settling fully into every position. 

Even if you already know the basics of beginner yoga poses, slow flow yoga has its own special set of benefits. Our slow flow yoga classes — which you’ll find in our Activate classes, our Warrior Workout, and our Chill custom workout plan — are especially beneficial for your mental health. According to Healthline, yoga has been proven to decrease stress, relieve anxiety, and improve quality of life. If you’re anxious to cash in on those benefits, slow flow yoga is a fantastic option.

Our slow flow yoga classes will give you the chance to clear your head (mental health benefits!) and stretch your body (physical health benefits!). If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed and want to keep your yoga low-key, this might be your ideal next step in yoga styles for beginners. 


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Low Impact Cardio Yoga

Want to get the energy up? Ready to get your heart pumping? You’re going to want to try a cardio yoga flow — and since we’re focusing on beginner yoga, let’s start by talking about a lower-impact cardio option. 

Allow us to introduce you to our Low-Impact Cardio custom workout plan

All too often, yoga is only credited for its mental health benefits and stretching components. But yoga can also be a great cardio workout! More yoga resources for beginners need to spread the word about that. 

You don’t have to jump straight into an intense cardio workout on the yoga mat. Low-impact cardio yoga incorporates free-flowing yoga poses with low-impact cardio movements. It’s great for anyone who’s experienced an injury, deals with persistent joint pain, or simply wants to get their blood flowing without going too hard. It’s one of our favorite yoga styles for beginners. 


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Stress Buster Yoga


We don’t have to tell you that life is stressful. (Actually, we feel kind of bad for reminding you about it here. Sorry!) 

We can’t promise you a stress-free existence, but the next best thing is to help give you some new coping mechanisms to make the ride a little easier. Yoga is our go-to stress reliever — and since our Stress Buster custom workout plan offers thirty days of workout plans, this brand of beginner yoga can seriously impact your life… for a whole month! 

If you’re feeling a little extra stressed lately, this may be one of the first yoga styles for beginners that you should prioritize. These classes will give your body a challenging workout, while also testing your mindfulness and reducing your stress levels. You’ll also have a lot of fun along the way, which is what any stressed-out human needs. 


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Cardio Yoga


We’ve already introduced you to low-impact cardio yoga. For anyone who’s looking to uplevel their cardio yoga flow, we’ve got your back with our Cardio-Based custom workout plan, which gives you a month’s worth of yoga classes that will really get your heart working. You can expect to break a sweat and push your limits in these classes! 


See what cardio yoga’s about below:


Cardio-driven yoga is a great yoga style for beginners if strength training and weight loss are high on your list of yoga goals. Like all of our classes, these have amazing playlists that will keep you feeling motivated when the going gets tough. (You may just appreciate them a little extra in these high-intensity cardio classes!) 

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Advanced Flow Power Yoga

Once you’ve explored other yoga styles for beginners, it may be time to take things a step further. When you’re ready for that, our power yoga workout plan is waiting. 

These online classes are ideal for anyone who has loved beginner yoga and is looking for a challenge. We recommend them for Bulldoggers who already have a pretty good handle on yoga poses and are motivated to push themselves a little harder. 

Remember: even when you work your way up to more advanced classes, you can always give yourself a break with a beginner yoga class or by modifying your power yoga poses

Now that you know what’s up with all of the yoga styles for beginners out there, it’s your turn to hit the mat!


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