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After the trial it's just $6.99/month for unlimited yoga class streaming. Memberships auto-renew each month & you can cancel anytime.

Online yoga classes - power yoga

"Definitely has options for everyBODY. Just love it!"

-Quinn S.

"Your classes are great! My daughter and I love the challenges you bring to yoga workouts."

-Lisa M.

"I don't even miss going to the studio with bulldog yoga. Feels like you're in the actual class!"

-Dani M.

"LOVE Nikki’s intensity! GREAT workouts!"

-Megan F.

"So good! Helped me to love time on the yoga mat. "

-Linda C.


-Jessa F.

"Classes are wonderful. You feel like you're at the studio!"

-Heidi G.

The 14-day trial is completely free

It only takes a minute to activate your free 14-day yoga trial and start streaming from any device.

Affordable at home yoga & fitness classes

After your free trial, Bulldog costs just $6.99 per month!  Or $12.99 per month for our premium membership (more than double the class offerings). Cancel either at anytime.

We are 100% data protected

We use the most up to date data protection systems to secure your information.

Workout to Custom-Curated Playlists

Music heals the soul! We set all of our online yoga classes to custom Spotify playlists that’ll have you smiling, sweating, and forgetting that you’re in a yoga workout class.

Classes for Every Level, Mood & Time Length

Experience yoga classes designed for everyone from beginner yoga to yoga workouts for the most experienced yogis wanting a challenge. Classes range from 10 to 60 minutes.

There's ZERO Intimidation

Workout any time, any place judgment-free by streaming from your desktop or Smart TV. Or, get your stretch on outside and follow along from your laptop or phone/tablet.

Karia B.

“These workouts are challenging and fun, and I love that I can pick the time, style, and even music that I am looking for.”

Stacy F.

“I love this app! The online yoga workouts are upbeat, with great soundtracks, (mostly hit music, not yoga-y sounding music).”

Jakob M.

“Bulldog is awesome and fits well with my busy schedule… Bulldog makes yoga fun and accessible for my at home morning workouts!”

Is yoga a good full body workout?

Yes! Yoga is a great full body workout! Mixing and matching various poses, techniques, and class types provides a full body workout that is not only physically challenging but mentally tough.

What are custom workout plans?

We don’t want you to have a cookie-cutter approach to your workouts, and neither should you. Who wants to be cookie-cutter at anything? That’s why we provide custom online yoga workout plans for you to follow.

What types of classes should a beginner try?

Bulldog offers yoga classes for beginners that are focused on helping newcomers learn yoga –  like our Beginner Yoga series and many of our Activate classes. Learn more about getting started!

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Two Girls Doing Yoga

Yoga Online With a Musical Heart
Ditch The Intimidation. Workout At Home!

Two Girls Doing Yoga

Maybe you think doing yoga online is too boring, slow, or just too intimidating. That’s where Bulldog’s online classes come in with fun, fitness-fueled yoga routine set to bangin’ playlists for all levels!

Get all the amazing benefits of yoga and fitness classes on your schedule! Bulldog’s online yoga classes and fitness workouts offer users of all experience levels the chance to workout when and where they can, with no intimidation. Take it all at your own pace.

You've Never Seen Yoga Online Like This

Online yoga and fitness is for everyone! Bulldog has tons of great yoga-based workouts for every fitness level – from beginner yoga to advanced power yoga and high intensity at home workouts. Our online classes are set to music that keeps you motivated.

When you can’t get to the gym because life has gotten in the way, working out at home is the ideal solution! Yoga and fitness at home is a great gym alternative for the body and mind. Since you’re at home, you can have greater control over your environment, ensuring you have a comfortable workout that meets your needs.

– Chris T.

I love bulldog yoga. It’s challenging, fun and I really enjoy the large variety of online classes!

– Chris T.

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“Definitely has options for everyBODY. Just love it!”
-Quinn S.