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Bootcamp, cardio HIIT & yoga sculpt classes take your at-home fitness up a notch! This category of classes is energetic and challenging with a focus on getting your heart pumping through interval training. Did you know you can get a great HIIT workout through yoga-based movements? Now you can!

Bootcamp, cardio HIIT & yoga sculpt classes offer a variety of different style within the same butt-kicking, fitness-fueled umbrella. Bootcamp classes are dynamic and aerobic with kickboxing style moves and yoga-based fluidity. Cardio HIIT classes incorporate bodyweight plyometric moves to get that full-body burn. Yoga sculpt classes are fast-paced power yoga moves with the added burn of dumbbells to help strengthen and tone. Whichever class you pick, Bootcamp, Cardio HIIT & Yoga Sculpt classes are sure you to get your blood rushing as you bob and weave to great music!

Check Out a Bootcamp Class in Action!

This bootcamp class is a great introduction to our kickboxing style classes with a yoga flair. 25 minutes is all you need to get you heart pumping with a focus on interval training … just be sure you have some breath left to sing along to the tunes!

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The Bulldog Vibe

While our bootcamp, cardio HIIT & yoga sculpt category of classes are our HIIT focused offering, we have endless online classes for all levels, moods, and schedules! Our intimidation-free classes are designed to have you smiling and motivated while getting a great workout anywhere and anytime is convenient for you. Let loose and have fun with the best bootcamp, cardio HIIT & yoga sculpt online!

Our Online Fitness & Online Yoga Instructors

Yes, we’re a bit biased, but we know we’ve got the best at-home workout instructors! Of course, they’re all certified and highly experienced, but what makes them so great is that they are each special in their own way. At Bulldog, we believe that each instructor should lead their classes in their own unique style, not in some “cookie cutter” format.

Some of our instructors are more chill while others are more high energy; some like to tell a joke or two while others may sing along a bit to our bangin’ playlists. You’ll find there’s an instructor that fits your every mood!

And, they deliver the goods! You’re sure to get a great sweat.

Bootcamp, Cardio HIIT & Yoga Sculpt Classes at Your Fingertips!

Give Bulldog a try and get started with the best bootcamp, cardio HIIT & yoga sculpt classes designed with your busy schedule in mind. You can start your journey into interval training fitness with your 30-day free trial! Yoga + HIIT = BULLDOG!