Dynamic power yoga classes that will get your heart pumping! Invigorate power yoga classes are your full-body, cardio workouts for the day.

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Bulldog Online offers aerobic power yoga classes that will keep you energized. Our power yoga classes are focused on building strength and endurance! #BULLDOGSTRONG

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Our streaming online yoga classes are taught by certified yoga instructors who are passionate about helping you successfully learn yoga and meet your fitness goals. Our classes are easy to follow and understand. We’ve even got custom workout plans designed for yoga beginners!

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Yes, yoga can be pretty darn aerobic! Invigorate power yoga classes are fast paced with fluid movements through poses and set to upbeat music. You’re sure to be sweating and smiling!

If you’re new to power yoga, you’re in the right place! Check out our 10-day and 30-day power yoga workout plans to challenge yourself and to see just how aerobic online yoga can be.


Power yoga focuses on building strength and endurance through fluid movements of poses. Bulldog Invigorate power yoga classes are fast-paced and intense — this will be your full-body workout for the day!

Invigorate power yoga classes are more aerobic in nature and are an excellent, low-impact exercise to burn calories. That being said, Bulldog classes focus on having fun over anything else!

WE GOT YOU! Check out our  10-Day Power Yoga
 to get started. If you’re looking for a longer plan, check out our 30-Day Power Yoga Plan. It doesn’t get easier than that … see you on the mat!

Our amazing instructors provide easy-to-follow directions and you will see all the poses in each class – no prior knowledge or experience required. In true Bulldog fashion, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and encourage everyone to try flows while having fun!

Glad you asked! You can find all the poses we will do together in our classes on our Know Your Poses page.

There are a whole host of reasons why online yoga is the best but the #1 reason is being able to go at your own pace with no distractions or intimidations! No matter how busy your schedule, you have the option of great beginner yoga classes at your fingertips.

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