The Benefits of Practicing Yoga at Home

Doing yoga at home can have a strong positive impact on your health and well-being.

We’re not exactly impartial, of course, but we happen to think that we offer the best online yoga classes in the game.

Like doing yoga in-person, online yoga in the comfort of your own home will get your body moving and your heart pumping.  Honestly, you might sweat a lot — but there are plenty of health benefits to doing yoga at home, as well.

Here are our game-changing benefits.


Benefit #1 – There’s no added pressure or intimidation factor”

Cue the next Tom Petty song on your playlist.

Let’s try to keep things relaxed.

If you’re new to yoga, no amount of chill vibes can make those first few classes any less intimidating, especially if you’re on the more reserved side.  

Online yoga classes are great for beginner yoga. They take all of that pressure away. Stop thinking about how you look in each pose or whether or not you’re flowing as quickly as the class leader. A great slow flow yoga session may be just your thing! Focus instead on having fun and getting the best yoga workout possible. 


Benefit #2 – You can do it on your own time”

Gone are the days of being fully dependent on a studio’s class schedule. With online yoga classes, you can quite literally get on the mat at any time of the day or night.  With many platforms offering access to their online yoga classes via a yoga app, it’s crazy easy.

Not sure when you want to work out each day? Trying to fill that awkward period of time late at night when you’re having trouble falling asleep?

Online yoga can be a great way to get your movement in. Sometimes, it’s just about finding better ways to prioritize your workout.


Benefit #3 – “Get comfortable as soon as you’re finished”

You know that feeling when you finish an intense workout, and all you want to do is rinse off, throw on a pair of sweats, and eat something delicious? Yup, we’re very familiar.

You can do all of those things ASAP when you exercise in the comfort of your own home.


Benefit #4 – You can get friends & family involved”

Getting fit can feel a little lonely, but when you’re doing it on your own terms, you can make it social.

You can always throw on the best core exercises for women and make it a yoga party! (With snacks, of course.) And if your pets wander their way onto your mat mid-class, the more, the merrier. 


Benefit #5 – You’ll have fewer excuses not to do it”

Almost all of your outs become irrelevant when you start bringing yoga to your home base. There’s no traffic to make you late for class and no icky weather conditions to tempt you to ditch your workout plan.


What you need to practice yoga at home

You’re going to need:

  • a yoga mat
  • fitting clothing (or no clothes at all!)
  • yoga props for assistance like straps and blocks


There’s a reason why yoga at home is so popular, especially now, as health experts are recommending social distancing.