Bulldog Online Yoga Reviews

So, Are Online Yoga Classes Good?

“This is the only yoga program (and exercise program) I’ve stuck with after almost 2 decades of trying different things. When I first started Bulldog Yoga with the free trial, I was inflexible and mostly sedentary. Because I enjoyed the classes so much, I kept at it and also shared it with friends. My bestie (who started doing Bulldog Yoga after I recommended it to her) and I are now doing a Custom Workout together even though we live in different parts of the country.”

– Rebecca S.

“I'm totally in love with my daily online yoga classes thanks to Bulldog Yoga! What a brilliant idea brought to life. So grateful for this resource!”

– Hollis W.

“I have a virtual Bulldog Yoga account and use it almost daily. I love that I can browse through numerous offerings to find a session that fits my needs for the day. The music is fantastic, I can favorite videos for easy access, and the instruction has been wonderful for a newbie like me. Highly recommend!”

– Brenda N.

“Bulldog Yoga is amazing! I love the variety of classes and the awesome music!! I can stream it on my tv or my computer depending on where I want to do it. The instructors are fabulous. Bulldog Bites (short classes) are the best especially when you don't have time for a full workout or want to add a core class to your cardio!!”

– Jacinta P.

“Bulldog Online is fast, easy, and fun! The biggest obstacle I faced when trying to get into yoga was the fact that it was so hard to get to. You can literally be anywhere in the world and still enjoy Bulldog… Grab some water and go take your first online class!”

– Sarah R.

“I LOVE Bulldog Yoga on demand! I’m also a yoga teacher and I use this dynamic style of yoga to unwind and zone out into my own personal practice! It’s definitely for all levels of practice and for everyone, no matter where you are in life. Definitely has options for everyBODY. Just love it!”

– Quinn S.

“I love being able to take my yoga practice anywhere, anytime with Bulldog Yoga! They’re always my saving grace when I can’t make it to studio classes. There’s a great selection of fitness-based yoga classes availability … lots of challenging options as well as beginner friendly ones too and always set to fun music!”

– Jamie M.

“I absolutely love the Bulldog Online platform. I’ve streamed the classes from my computer and the app on my phone, but work very well. Instructors are fun and challenging. Playlists are fun and funky. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking to practice from home or on the go!”

– Pedro L.

These are the classes I've been looking for! I've been searching for an online yoga program that leaves out the jibber jabber and gets to work. I'm so happy I found Bulldog Yoga!

– Kelly T.