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On-demand slow flow yoga classes for ALL levels -- whether you're a beginner looking to start your yoga journey or a pro looking for a slower, low-impact yoga pace.

After the trial it's just $12.99/month for unlimited yoga class streaming. Memberships auto-renew each month & you can cancel anytime.

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Class Variety

Bulldog Online offers low-impact, slow flow yoga classes that will keep you energized. Our restorative yoga classes are for all levels!

Professional Instruction

Our streaming online yoga classes are taught by certified yoga instructors who are passionate about helping you successfully learn yoga and meet your fitness goals. Our classes are easy to follow and understand. We’ve even got custom workout plans designed for yoga beginners!

Preview Our Most Popular Activate Slow Flow Yoga Class

True to its name, this Activate class will energize you with a focus on full-body stretching and strengthening. This class is for anyone looking for slow flow, low-impact yoga that is both fun and dynamic. Make sure you turn the volume up to jam out to great music while you move!


As often as you need it! Bulldog makes slow flow yoga super easy to do so you can flow as often or as little as you want/need. Your body will crave the restorative feel of our Activate slow flow yoga classes as you keep going so you may find yourself on the mat more and more!

We take all the guesswork out of where to start with our low-impact and renew & restore yoga workout plans specifically curated for people looking for slow flow yoga and seeking that restorative feel. It doesn’t get easier than that … see you on the mat!

Yes, Our Activate slow flow yoga classes are perfect for beginners and pros alike! Our online classes are great for someone beginning their yoga journey or for a seasoned yogi looking for a more restorative yoga flow to slow things down a bit. Our online yoga classes are for ALL LEVELS!

Of course! Our classes are easy-to-follow with our instructors explaining each pose in English, not Sanskrit. You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience!

Glad you asked! You can find all the poses we will do together in our classes on our Know Your Poses page.

There are a whole host of reasons why online yoga is the best but the #1 reason is being able to go at your own pace with no distractions or intimidations! No matter how busy your schedule, you have the option of great beginner yoga classes at your fingertips.

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