Meet Patty Smith

Patty Smith began practicing yoga over 25 years ago as a way to grow stronger physically, mentally and spiritually. Yoga was additionally recommended to her by her doctor after a stressful and complicated pregnancy.  She was so pleased with the effect that yoga had on her life that she decided to become an instructor so she could share the benefits of yoga with others. 

She completed her RYT 200 yoga teacher training at Power Yoga Works in Malvern, PA and has been teaching yoga for over 8 years. 

She has also earned a certification for Yin Yoga and volunteered for a Philadelphia-based 501c(3) organization Mindfulness Through Movement committed to nurturing the wellness of children in underserved communities. 

Patty is passionate about her practice and really enjoys working with adults and children. She loves to share what she has learned from other yogis with her students and strives every day to live by the following principle: a generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.