Custom Workout Programs

Designed by class intensity, mood, and experience level with yoga classes ranging from 10-45 minutes

It only takes 30 seconds to find your perfect yoga workout plan!


Quick Hits Yoga Program

These yoga workout plans include Bulldog Bites (shorter classes) only. Designed for those looking to follow a targeted workout routine based on fitness challenges, slow flows, and more!

Stress-Busting Yoga

The Stress Buster custom workout plan is specifically created to help you forget about your daily stressors and include a variety of class types and focuses.

Mood-Based Workouts

If you're someone who likes to kick it up a notch on the fitness scale, then try our Cardio-Driven workout plan for great power yoga workouts.

For those looking to stick to more slow flow online yoga classes, you'll love the Low-Impact Cardio workout plan.

Experience-Based Workouts

For both experienced yogis and beginners to yoga, these 30-day workout plans are customized to your yoga and fitness levels.

The Importance of
Workout Plans

Having a yoga workout plan in place provides workout structure, helps with personal goal-setting...and also prevents burnout!

The Bulldog Online App makes sticking to your workout plan fun and easy.