Cardio-Driven Workouts

Cardio-Based Yoga

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What You Can Expect

Bulldog Yoga's cardio-based yoga program is designed to help you push your limits, get your heart working and break a sweat. If you need an aerobic workout, look no further than these cardio infused yoga classes. Our yoga class leaders crafted this custom workout plan to help you get to your next fitness level.

Cardio yoga workouts are a new twist on timeless, traditional yoga. These power yoga classes offer all of the benefits of a sweat-inducing cardio session along with an endurance building yoga workout.

Plan Details

Length: 30 Days

Focus: Aerobic, Endurance, Cardiovascular Fitness

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Cardio-Driven Workouts
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What is Bulldog Online Yoga?

Our class leaders designed this cardio-based workout plans to keep your heart pumping.