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What You Can Expect

Bulldog Yoga's cardio-based yoga program is designed to help you push your limits, get your heart working and break a sweat. If you need an aerobic workout, look no further than these cardio-infused yoga fitness classes. Our yoga class leaders crafted this custom workout plan to help you reach your next fitness level.

Cardio yoga workouts are a new twist on timeless, traditional yoga. These power yoga workouts are great for athletes and offer all of the benefits of a sweat-inducing cardio session along with an endurance building yoga workout.

Plan Details

Length: 30 Days

Focus: Aerobic, Endurance, Cardiovascular Fitness

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Cardio-Driven Workouts
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“What a brilliant idea brought to life.”
-Hollis W.

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What is Bulldog Online Yoga?

Our class leaders designed this cardio-based workout plans to keep your heart pumping.