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Classes for every level, mood & schedule!

People doing yoga in a yoga studio
Restorative Yoga


Activate classes are calm yet dynamic and ideal for someone looking for a low-impact, slow yoga flow.

Short Yoga & Fitness Workouts

Bulldog Bites

Bulldog Bite classes are the ultimate variety of on-demand yoga & fitness workouts with various intensities and styles … all under 30 minutes!

Power Yoga with Resistance Bands


Exhilarate classes blend the fast-paced aerobic style of our Invigorate power yoga classes with the added tension of resistance bands into one fun, sweaty yoga flow!

Power Yoga


Invigorate power yoga classes are fast-paced and fun with a focus on building your strength and endurance through aerobic movements.

Interval Training Fitness

Bootcamp, Cardio HIIT & Yoga Sculpt

Bootcamp, cardio HIIT & yoga sculpt classes are energetic and challenging with a focus on getting your heart pumping through interval training.

Guided Meditation


Each of our audio-only guided meditation classes are designed to bring your focus to the present and help you build the practice of mindfulness.

Weekly Live Classes

Live Stream

Our weekly live yoga classes give you that in-person studio feel without ever leaving home! Live classes stream several times each week with a changing variety of class styles, intensities, and lengths. All live classes are available on-demand after airing to fit your busy schedule.