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A Yoga Workout For Experienced Bulldogs

For those wanting an intense yoga workout online

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power yoga for experienced yogis
What You Can Expect

This customized workout plan is designed for those wanting a dynamic and challenging fitness-fueled yoga class experience. This is an intense yoga workout online that will challenge both your body and mind. If you're someone who has been doing yoga for a while now and you feel confident with advanced yoga poses, then this is the workout plan for you.

This intense yoga workout online will ensure you're experiencing a new kind of yoga that's fresh and challenging -- and will have you looking forward to your next workout date! Start this advanced yoga class online today!

Plan Details

Length: 30 Days

Focus: Advanced Poses, Intense Yoga Workouts

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Experienced Yogi Workouts
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What is Bulldog Online Yoga?

Our most experienced yoga instructors created this advanced yoga class to help you push your limits, and reach new levels of fitness.