How Do I Reach My Yoga Goals?

How often should I do yoga to reach my goals?…Can I overdo it?…When should I start to see results?

We hear these questions a lot…


Core Points!

  • Listen to your body and be mindful to not over-exert yourself or cause an injury. [more]
  • Routinely practicing yoga is a healthy habit to build but, like most great things, you can overdo it. Try starting out with 2-3 sessions per week if you are beginning your yoga journey. [more]
  • Following a program will keep you on track and is an effective way to take most of the brainwork out of deciding what to do each session. [more]
  • Be kind to yourself if you happen to miss your scheduled days – tomorrow is a brand new day! [more]


You’re looking to start (or resume) your yoga journey – Heck Yeah! 🙌

Now, you want to know how often to get on the mat… the team as Bulldog Online Yoga & Fitness is here to help!  Yoga can be done as often as you’d like and as often as your body will allow. Those new to yoga should start slow with one or two or three sessions a week and slowly ramp up their practice as they are able to handle it. More experienced yogis might practice every day or have longer sessions on a schedule to allow for recovery.

Even more experienced yogis have been known to check in about how frequently they should be practicing. After all, once you fall in love with something — like high-energy online yoga workouts — you’ll probably find ways to fit it into your life.  And, you may also be looking to increase the challenge level as you feel stronger, more fit and more flexible!



The best way to get started is to simply start!

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It’s good to make yoga a healthy habit

Making a regular habit of yoga has so many health and wellness benefits, and we don’t blame you for doing everything you can to reap every single one. And guess what? The number of times you hit your mat in a given week really does matter!

The truth is that the frequency with which you practice yoga does depend on how much experience you have. Like anything else, yoga requires patience early on, so be prepared to ease into a regular routine.  If you’re the impatient type, check out these great tips from Psychology Today on how to develop patience :).

We get it — you want to jump in feet-first and become a 24/7 yogi…but you’ve gotta slow your roll.

Newbies to yoga workouts should plan to log two or three yoga sessions per week to start. This will ensure that your body gets used to the stretches and poses that you’ll be working on as you move forward in your journey.

3 things to remember when practicing yoga


How often to practice yoga


👍 #1 | Follow the rule of thumb

A general rule of thumb is that yoga is best when practiced between two and five times per week. As you ease your way into a consistent practice schedule, that’s a good goal to aim for! Over time, you might find that your body can handle five or six sessions each week, if that’s what you want.

If that sounds manageable to you, we encourage you to keep one or two of those sessions on the chill side (try one of our Activate classes!) — you may even want to try yoga sesh with your kiddos!   And, we would remind you that it never hurts to hang on to at least one rest day over the course of a week – taking time to recover is important, too!

Right now, you might be thinking “I don’t have the time.” But, remember, you can find online yoga classes that fit your schedule.  By taking your yoga online, you can get your yoga workout done on your schedule.  And, there are many classes that are shorter in length!


🏅 #2 | Start to base your yoga workouts on goals

You may also want to adjust how often you grab your mat based on the goals you have for your yoga practice. If you want to build strength and promote weight loss, more sessions are better.

And stick to a plan to help you stay on track! It really does help.

Also, if you’re trying to build flexibility over time, two to three sessions per week should be just fine.


How often should you do yoga


🤗  #3 | Always take into account your mental health

It’s well documented that yoga can help improve your mental health.  If your primary goal in starting a fitness journey is to address those kinds of concerns, you might want to plan your yoga around your mental health. During more stressful times, more sessions might be just what you need. BUT, don’t make doing more yoga something that adds additional stress.  If you’re getting stressed out because you’re not able to find the time some days, don’t worry!!  Tomorrow’s another day!  Remember, this is about your physical and mental health — it’s not a contest!

There isn’t one schedule that’s going to work for everyone.

To maximize your practice, you’ll need to listen to your body and think seriously about what’s going to work best for your life and routine.  And, don’t forget to take time for some self love!  

The good news? With the best online yoga classes from Bulldog Yoga, you at least have easier access to yoga sessions, so you can move your body when it works best for you.


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The key to reaching your goals is consistency

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