It’s all about priorities.  Here are some tips for keeping your yoga workout on top of your to do list.

The new year has arrived and you’re looking for ways to prioritize your yoga workout …

We’ve celebrated with loved ones, packed away the December decorations, and set our best New Year’s resolutions ever. Personally, I have a pretty good feeling about what this year has in store!  I’m adding a new yoga workout to my priority list for 2020, and if it’s one of yours, too, you might be looking for ways to help you stay on track when the going gets tough.

After all, we know that improving our health and wellness is an ongoing process. Motivation is bound to dip now and then.

You can arm yourself with the tools necessary to fight against that lag!


These 8 Tips have helped me & I think they can help you prioritize your yoga workout, too..


1) Create a yoga workout calendar

yoga workout - online yoga classes

You don’t hesitate to put work deadlines and coffee dates and birthday parties in your calendar. If your yoga workouts are truly a priority — and if you’re reading this, they probably are! — then why wouldn’t you schedule those officially, too? It’s time to create a yoga workout calendar!

Figure out how often you’d like to exercise per week. Then, sit down every Sunday night and review your schedule and priorities for the coming days.

From there, you can block out the chunks of time you have available for working out. Write those time blocks down in your calendar or plug them into your Google Calendar if you’re more digitally inclined.

That way, you won’t be able to ignore the fact that you’ve committed to those fitness sessions as you go about your days!

Every night when I’m writing my to-do list for the next day, I try to jot down when I’ll have time to exercise — in pen. This reminds me that it’s an important part of my schedule! 

If your yoga workout regimen includes online yoga classes, you can also take time early in the week to map out the classes you’d like to attend.

You won’t lose track of time later in the week and forget to do it! 

Wanna go one step further???

>>> Commit to a Workout Plan


2)  Yoga Should be Fun

There’s no rule that says working out can’t be fun. In fact, I’d argue that it can be really fun… and that it should be! When it’s fun, you actually want to do it. 

There are plenty of ways to boost the fun factor in any yoga workout. Start by inviting a friend or family member to join you.


According to one study by the National Institute of Health: 

“95 percent of people who included a friend in their weight loss efforts finished their program.  Those who tried to go it alone?  76 percent.”


Whether the primary goal of your workout routine is yoga for weight loss, increased strength, or better flexibility, making exercise a more social activity will help you stay motivated and consistent.

You can also make working out more fun by cranking up your favorite playlist.  Or, incorporate sweat sessions into other fun events, like family holidays or road trips. I love bringing a friend with me to a yoga class or training together for a race.

This helps me associate exercise with positive memories and makes me more excited to do it in the future. 


3)  Make the investment upfront

prepay for your yoga online to keep you focused

No one likes to lose money. Who else is with me?

With that in mind, I’m pretty sure that if you make a financial investment in exercise ahead of time, you’re going to do pretty much anything you can to make sure that it doesn’t go to waste.

If you tend to be especially responsive to that ‘ol bottom line, try pre-paying for your online yoga classes, buying a workout outfit, or joining a new gym. After you’ve put a little money down, you’ll be less likely to skip out on your workouts. 

Plus, when I have a new yoga mat to try or a new pair of running shoes to take for a spin, I can’t wait to get moving! 


4)  Set yourself up for success

yoga workout

Make the time!!!


Yes, we all have got excuses!  Especially when we are starting something new.  The question is… how do we blast past them?!?!

Once you’ve made a plan to exercise, there are other steps you can take to prioritize those workouts. It’s all about setting yourself up for success! Figure out what tends to hold you back from following through on exercise.  Then, do everything you can to remove those barriers. 

If you want to work out in the morning but have trouble getting motivated at that hour, set your alarm 30 minutes earlier and set out your workout clothes next to your bed so you can grab them easily. 

If you tend to use your kids as an excuse for not taking care of yourself, secure a regular babysitting slot now or try a childcare swap with one of your friends or neighbors so that everyone can get their workout in without worrying about their kiddos.

If you’ve been feeling kind of “meh” and it’s keeping you from exercise, consider how you might improve your nutrition habits so you can boost your energy and overall wellness.

I tend to think that fitness and nutrition goals should go hand and hand.

If I up my game with one, I like to up my game in the other so that my body performs better all-around. 

When you get ahead of your excuses and set yourself up for success, you’ll be less likely to allow your workouts to fall lower on your priority list.


5)  Find an accountability buddy

find a bit with whom to do your online yoga classes

In a study from the American Society for Training and Development, participants had a 65 percent chance of following through on a goal when they told someone about the goal — and a 95 percent chance of following through on it when they committed to meeting up with that person IRL to work toward it. 

Welp. Those numbers pretty much speak for themselves!!!

Assuming that you want to prioritize yoga workouts in the new year, make it a point to actually tell someone about it. That person can hold you accountable by texting you reminders, joining you for a yoga class, or meeting you for morning runs.

One of my besties and I love to swap updates about our workouts. Since it’s fun to share those updates with her, I’m more likely to actually do the workout.


6)  Start small, but start somewhere

Big goals are great, but I think it’s better to work toward them by taking smaller baby steps along the way. Instead of striving for a yoga workout every day, kick off the year with a goal of exercising just once or twice per week. Instead of challenging yourself to start lifting a certain weight ASAP, aim to stick to a new arm workout routine for your mornings or something manageable. Maybe start with slow flow yoga for a few weeks before jumping into more intense cardio yoga workouts.

As you accomplish each of these smaller goals, you’ll feel increasingly prepared to tackle another one. You’ll be amazed by how much your yoga workout routine — not to mention your overall health and wellness — has improved by the end of the year!


7)  Consider all of the benefits of working out

a yoga workout can be fun (really!)

Yes, You can have FUN Doing Your Yoga Workout

Exercising becomes less of a priority when you’ve lost sight of the benefits (including a nice immunity boost). If you’re focused solely on losing weight, toning your arms or sculpting your booty, it will be all too easy to take your eye off the prize.

You can combat this problem by maintaining an awareness of the many wide-ranging benefits of working out.


Per Medline:

Exercise is key for maintaining your weight, reducing your risk of heart disease, boosting mood and mental health, strengthening bones and muscles, sharpening your brain, improving your sleep, minimizing your cancer risk, and so much more.


It quite literally adds years to your life expectancy! 

Jot some of these benefits down on a Post-It to stick to your mirror or list them in the Notes app on your phone.

Next time you’re feeling tempted to slack off on your yoga workout routine, remember why you made exercise a priority in the first place.

My primary motivation for exercise can change from day to day, and if I’m not feeling especially psyched to work out because it will make me stronger, I’ll focus instead on the fact that it may put me in a better mood.

It’s nice to be able to cycle mentally through the options! 


8)  Bring your group yoga workout to you

yoga workout with online yoga classes

Yoga Online Is A Great Way to Make Time For Yourself

It will be a lot more difficult for you to bail on a sweat session when that sweat session is available at your fingertips.

There are plenty of pros to doing your yoga workout at home, and convenience is at the very top of that list. With an at-home exercise option, you can get your fitness on whenever — and wherever — it works with your schedule.

Online yoga classes, bodyweight exercises, and cardio workouts are all great options.

Trust me — you’ll get so addicted to your online yoga classes that they will stay at the top of your priority list all year long. 


Want to make regular yoga workouts a priority this year?

Let’s Recap:

Tips for staying on track with online yoga classes

  1. Make it a date. Schedule exercise sessions like you would any other commitment! Be proactive about putting them in your calendar so you follow through. 
  2. Focus on fun! Make working out a positive experience by inviting friends to join you or turning up the volume on your favorite playlist. 
  3. Invest upfront. Put your money where your mouth is! Prepay for fitness classes or buy yourself new fitness accessories that will help you stay motivated. 
  4. Remove barriers. Figure out what might hold you back from following through on your workout commitment. Once you’re anticipated those obstacles, you can more easily set yourself up for success. 
  5. Stay accountable. Recruit an accountability buddy to help you stay on track. 
  6. Keep it real. You’ll be more likely to prioritize a yoga workout when you see yourself making progress toward your health and wellness goals. Set small, realistic goals so you can celebrate wins along the way. 
  7. What’s at stake? Keep all of the wide-ranging benefits of exercise top of mind to help you stay focused and motivated when you might otherwise lag. 
  8. Bring the workout to you. Seeking online yoga classes (which have amazing health benefits) ensure that you have easier access to workouts. 

There’s nothing like a yoga workout to help you look and feel your best.  That’s what I wish for you in this new year and always!

Let’s make it happen together. 


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