Yoga on, Bro…Check Out These Benefits of Yoga For Men.

Oh, man.  We like to think that pretty much everyone has a lot to gain from yoga, but there are a few benefits of yoga workouts for men that we don’t hear enough dudes talking about. It’s our mission to get you talking about them!

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#1)  Yoga is proven at reducing stress

We all have plenty of stress in our lives, and one of the benefits of yoga for men (and everyone, really) is that it can help take the edge off! The Mayo Clinic points to a number of studies that confirm just how great a regular yoga practice can be for your mental health. 

If the pressures of work and relationships and generally just trying to be your best are starting to get to you, don’t stress. Grab a yoga mat instead! 


#2)  It spices up your sex life

We don’t need to know all the details of your ~love life~, but we do want to let you know that bulldog yoga is here for you if you want to heat things up in the bedroom. Maybe things with your partner are getting stale or you’re feeling in the mood less and less. It’s not great, but it can get better… with a little yoga.

Yoga boosts stamina, improves endurance, and increases strength and flexibility — all of which are bound to give your sex life a little extra somethin’ somethin’. 


#3)  You’ll feel better during other workouts and be less prone to injury 

Did you know that yoga is actually apart of Marky Mark’s daily routine?

Yep, yoga.

And it’s particularly the high-energy kind of power yoga that we practice in the studio, as well as in our online classes — offers a wide range of health benefits for men. With just a few sessions, you’ll feel stronger, more flexible, and less winded when your heart gets pumping!

Put those benefits together and you can expect to rock all of your workouts more than ever. Whether you prefer running, weightlifting, hiking, team sports, swimming — you name it! — we’re confident that yoga will do wonders for your exercise routine across the board. A 2016 study of college athletes that appeared in the International Journal of Yoga confirmed the overall improvement in athletic performance that participants experienced when they added yoga to their routine. Yoga also helps prevent sports injuries by increasing strength and flexibility. 


#4)  You might be more productive at work

Maybe you don’t feel like you need to incorporate so-called “mindfulness practices” into your life, but we’re willing to bet that you’d be happy to find a way to be more productive on the job. Did you know that mindfulness and productivity are actually connected? News flash: they are.

Per a 2017 study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who engage with mindfulness practices and exercises (including yoga!) may experience less burnout and be more resilient at work. Is there anyone who wouldn’t like to reap those benefits? We all could use a little extra productivity! 


#5)  Say goodbye to chronic pain!

Sick of those aches and pains that never seem to go away? In addition to the unhappiness chronic pain causes, we become less productive and less inclined to “get out there” when we are dealing with pain.  The Cleveland Clinic has found that 30 to 50 percent of people struggling with chronic pain also have a mood disorder.

Chronic pain is just a little inevitable as we age, but there are ways to make it easier to deal with — and yoga is one of them. 

According to Psychology Today, practicing yoga and chronic pain have opposite effects on the brain. Yoga can reduce the perception of pain and offset the progression of pain in the body that comes with aging. Stress can increase pain-related changes in the brain, so the stress-reducing benefits of yoga play a big role here.  


#6)  Yoga improves your range of motion

Take it from Dak above who also does yoga in the offseason and sometimes at practices to keep his flexibility.

Those poses we lead you through in our studios and online classes are more than just fun (and, well, challenging). They also serve to help you become more flexible and get stronger, so that you’ll have a wider range of motion in every aspect of your life.

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel more free to move in everything you do? Yoga can get you there! 

Are you thinking to yourself  “but I’m not flexible?”. Well, we’ve got an answer for that, too!


#7)  You’ll experience better sleep

Did you know that Jimmy Fallon likes yoga too?

And if you’re anything like us, it’s hard for you to remember a time when you weren’t tired. Being a human is exhausting and sleep can be all too hard to come by. Since rest is key to success in pretty much all the things, better sleep is an especially appealing benefit of yoga for men.

Yoga can help you sleep better by encouraging you to build a more consistent routine, regulating your nervous system, and (say it with us again!) reducing stress. A Harvard Medical School study cited in Psychology Today revealed that insomniacs who did yoga on a daily basis experienced more efficient sleep, longer periods of sleep, and shorter periods of falling asleep than those who did not participate in yoga.  

Oh, and Jimmy actually prefers a particular type of yoga called Acro Yoga – Check it out for yourself below:



#8)  It will help you breathe deeper

So, we’re not totally sure if Maury does toga, but he totally should.

Chances are that you don’t spend a lot of time actively thinking about the quality of your breathing, but you might want to consider it! Deep breathing is good for blood flow, energy levels, posture, digestion, pain reduction, and so much more. 

While we’re a little less focused on breathing at bulldog yoga than other, more traditional yoga studios, taking our classes will force you to pay closer attention to the way you’re breathing so you can stay in flow. Ideally, you’ll take those skills with you off the mat! 

And Maury, you are NOT the father!

Sorry,,, I always wanted to say that.


#9)  Yoga will get you on a track for an overall healthier lifestyle

Assuming you have health goals around improving your overall wellness, yoga is definitely for you. Studies show that yogis tend to be more connected to their bodies than people who don’t participate in a yoga practice, which often motivates them to make healthier food and other lifestyle choices. It’s a really great cycle!

Want to reap some of these yoga benefits for men yourself? Learn more about our online classes so you can experience them wherever you are and whenever you can! 


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