If you’ve been hanging out with us for a while (and if not, we’re happy to “meet” you!), you probably already have a general idea of some of the many health benefits of a good power yoga flow.

Whether you’re a busy parent, a yoga beginner, an expectant mama, or simply want to have fun with an online yoga challenge, power yoga is pretty much where it’s at for getting into great shape, building strength/toning AND adding flexibility.


Core Points!

  • Power yoga is a cardio-driven form of yoga aimed at working large muscle groups through dynamic movements. [more]
  • Like other forms of yoga, you will not need any extra equipment. You can practice power yoga at your home wherever is most comfortable for you. WIN! [more]
  • Power yoga will provide a full body, cardio workout. The continuous movement through poses will keep your heart rate up and strengthen your muscles using your own bodyweight as resistance. [more]
  • Power yoga is not intimidating – the key is to feel comfortable in your environment when starting out. Be sure to modify your flow as necessary. [more]


What is a Power Yoga Class?

In a power yoga flow class, you’ll typically do a series of poses in one continuous, flowing movement linked to breathing patterns. Getting into a full body yoga workout routine  will boost your strength, endurance, flexibility, and more. Oh — and you’ll have a lot of fun in the process! 

For the ideal power yoga flow class, we are here to enthusiastically recommend our online Invigorate classes. Our classes are the best yoga for strength and endurance.

(Trust us. You’re gonna love ‘em.) 



See why everyone’s talkin’ about BULLDOG …

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Levels of Power Yoga

There are three basic levels of classes here at bulldog — Activate, Invigorate, and Exhilarate. Each level is its own unique brand of power yoga flow… and Invigorate is no exception.

Here’s what you need to know about Invigorate classes:

  • Invigorate classes are generally somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes long. 
  • They’re a great mix of classic yoga moves and a cardio yoga
  • They’ll get your blood flowing. 
  • They’re a full body workout!  Yes, you read that right – full, body, workout!
  • Like all of our classes, they’re set to awesome music.   
  • They get you moving through an incredible power yoga flow! 
  • According to Parade, yoga is one of the best exercises to strengthen your core. WIN!


Let’s get into some logistics, shall we?

The 3 most common questions about starting your first power flow yoga class:

#1) What do I wear?

Something you can really move in! When you’re doing a power yoga flow, you’ll need to be able to move through your body’s full range of motion, so flexible, breathable material will go a long way. We don’t recommend pants that drag on the floor or tops that are so baggy that they’ll interfere with your movement through poses. And you might just break a sweat, so keep that in mind! Other than that, wear what makes you feel good — your full body yoga workout routine is for you, so be comfortable and confident. 


#2) Where do I set up?

One of the many benefits of taking Invigorate power yoga classes online is that you can get your flow going pretty much anywhere! Find an area in your home or wherever else you happen to be where you can comfortably stretch out your limbs in all directions. Use a yoga mat as a rule of thumb. If your mat can fit, the spot you’ve picked will probably work. That brings us to…


#3) What do I need?

The most important thing you need to bring to a power yoga flow class is, well, you! Beyond that, it’s helpful to have a yoga mat — both for spacing purposes and to offer cushion for your body — a bottle of water, and a towel (in case things get sweaty!). Some Invigorate classes require yoga props (blocks, straps, etc.), but they’re not necessary for all of them. As you get deeper into a full body yoga workout routine and take more classes, you’ll figure out if there are props you’d like to have on hand for your own practice.


Yoga props for beginners


What you can expect in an Invigorate class (power yoga flow)?

Like our other classes, our Invigorate sessions get started with a warm-up. Your class leader will guide you through a series of basic poses and stretches so your body is ready for your power yoga class

And don’t panic just because the warm-up is over and you’re getting into the thick of the class! Your leader will be there every step of the way, offering you plenty of instructions to make sure you get the most out of your sweat session.

They’ll also offer some variations to the poses that are part of the flow so you can adjust to suit your body’s needs.

Once things really get flowing in an Invigorate class, you’ll likely notice that the pace is a little different than what you might be familiar with in other types of yoga.

Power yoga flows move faster!

The idea is to move continuously through yoga poses so that your heart rate stays up. (That’s what makes it a cardio workout!) This faster pace is also what makes power yoga a strength training exercise, since it calls on your muscles to work hard to maintain each pose. After just a few sessions, you’ll notice that your body feels stronger! 

Many of our Invigorate classes also feature moves you might recognize from abs or other body sculpt classes. With Invigorate, we’ve taken the very best aspects of those workout regimens and worked them into a power yoga flow to give you the best workout possible. 


Bulldog Online’s Music Playlists

Of course, there will be an opportunity to cool down at the end of class! This is the time to give your body a little love and thank it for everything it does all day, every day… not to mention during your power yoga flow.


What else is special about these classes?

There are plenty of things that make Bulldog Online special, but we are especially proud of the music we offer as the soundtrack for power yoga flows.

All too often, people make excuses for skipping out on workouts, claiming that exercising isn’t fun or can get boring. Rocking out to a great playlist while you get your fitness on makes those excuses a thing of the past. 

In addition to just being fun, adding awesome music to your power yoga flow has plenty of benefits! 



Music can help you stay more focused in your workout, but by making music a more central part of your life, you can reap plenty of more general benefits, as well.

Good tunes have been proven to boost productivity, improve sleep, reduce stress… and the list goes on.

Plus, as far as we’re concerned, listening to your favorite songs (especially as part of your full body yoga workout routine) is a very legit form of self care!


Lastly, is a power yoga flow more intimidating?

If you’re feeling worried that going to a power flow yoga class will be intimidating — stop. That’s so not what we’re about. According to Men’sHealth, the toughest step to make is the first one … and it’s usually the most rewarding! 

With each one of our online Invigorate classes, you’ll feel totally welcome and zero percent intimidated. This is an extremely supportive community and we want you to know that you are capable of participating in these power yoga flows no matter your yoga experience (or lack thereof!). Our awesome instructors walk you through each flow as well as provide info on modifications you can incorporate.




If you need further reassurance about the vibe of these classes, remember that you’re taking them online and in the comfort of your own house or apartment!

This means that, in addition to our super fun approach to yoga, you have home field advantage on your side. You can move in and out of different aspects of these power yoga flows as many times as you need to before you start to feel really confident. How cool is that? 

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Ready to experience Power Flow Yoga for yourself?

It really is as simple as finding a spot in your home (or wherever else you are!), grabbing a mat, finding a device, and streaming an Invigorate class with Bulldog Online. That’s it!

We can’t wait to hear how power yoga flows make a difference in your life!


Give power yoga a try

You-g0nna love it! 😎