It’s kind of hard to believe, but fall is almost here. The summer of 2020 is one that we’re never going to forget — do we really need to get into the gory details? And, as much as we hate to see the sun set on the season, we’re pretty psyched for a fresh start but an online yoga challenge for Fall can definitely help.

You might even be ready for a fresh start with your health and wellness!


Peep the best online yoga challenges to give you a boost into fall 🍁

Not sure what we mean when we talk about the “best online yoga challenges?” 

Well. We’re about to totally change the way you approach power yoga (*) and self care.

An online yoga challenge is, well, exactly what it sounds like. The best online yoga challenges will get you set up with a line-up of awesome online yoga classes and a recommended timeline in which to complete them. Think of them as a sort of condensed custom workout plan to help you jumpstart your fitness and get you super pumped up about your yoga practice.

You’ve probably heard of a yoga 30-day challenge, but there are all kinds of online yoga challenges out there!

(*) If you’re wondering “what is power yoga?”, we’ve got answers!

You may be asking yourself, “Why do I need to explore the best online yoga challenges when I can just pace myself with online yoga classes on my own schedule?”

Here’s the thing: we’re all about you designing an exercise regimen based on your own routine and circumstances. Sure, there are rules of thumb to help you figure out how often you should hit the mat for max results, but you’ve gotta do what works for you.

That’s how you can really ensure success with your yoga practice. 

More often than not, you might be able to set your own pace for workouts, but doing an online yoga challenge now and then can be really good for your health and wellness. And if you’re going to participate in an online yoga challenge, you might as well choose one of the best online yoga challenges, right? 


Now, the benefits of online workout challenges and plans…

The advantages of working out in this way are rooted in a little something called herd mentality, which can be applied to all kinds of behaviors.


Yoga Challenges for fall

Triple Pundit describes this theory:

In terms of environmentally conscious actions, they note that humans are more likely to adopt green behaviors because their friends, co-workers, and/or neighbors have. To motivate change among a group of people, you don’t actually have to motivate every member of the group individually. You only have to capture the attention of enough people in the herd. From there, herd mentality will do the rest! Everyone will start moving in the right direction. 


It works like this with exercise!

The beauty of a yoga challenge is that it uses the magic of the herd mentality to motivate a whole group of people to spend more time on their yoga mats and to reap the many health benefits of online yoga classes. If you really want to be successful with a fitness challenge, you can get your friends and loved ones involved!

Having people you know and care about in the mix will help you stay motivated when you’re considering bailing on a workout session. (Even with the best online yoga challenges, this might be tempting!)


Here are 5 specific benefits of trying out an online yoga challenge this fall…


#1) They add structure to your exercise routine

Sometimes, one of the most stressful and overwhelming things about getting started with a regular workout routine is figuring out how to schedule it. If you’re new to the fitness game, you might not be sure where to begin.

How often should you do yoga? How should you coordinate different online classes so you can really get the most out of your routine? When is it time to push yourself? When you do pull back on the intensity level? 

The best online yoga challenges will answer all of these questions for you. They do the heavy lifting and break down all the workouts for you! 

According to My Fitness Pal, this kind of structure can keep you motivated by giving your workouts new meaning, emphasizing improvement, and helping you to avoid both overtraining and undertraining. 


#2) The best online yoga challenges will help you set personal goals

Online yoga challenges set up a progression of yoga classes. Some days will be easier. Some days will be more difficult. You’ll feel yourself challenging your body and muscles, getting stronger and reaping more health benefits with each class. 

Because online yoga challenges will get you in the routine of working out on your mat on a regular basis and seeing what your body is capable of from day to day, you’ll feel extra excited to set personal fitness goals. Simply by challenging yourself to complete each workout in the challenge, you’re setting yourself up to set goals that you might not have chased otherwise!


Fall Yoga Challenge

Per Franciscan Health,

“Fitness goals are important for helping you break through fitness plateaus. If your body gets too comfortable doing the same exercises every single day, you don’t have to work as hard.”

The beauty of the best online yoga challenges is that they force you to change things up, push yourself, and keep getting stronger. 


#3) Being part of a challenge may decrease the chances of fitness burnout

30 DAY Online Yoga Challenge

The Heart Foundation notes:

“Boredom as one of the top-ten most common excuses that people use to not exercise. If you get bored while you’re working out, you might get so sick of fighting through that boredom that you just burn out. You get sick of showing up to do the same things every day, so you just stop.”

Online yoga challenges — whether they’re yoga 30 day challenges or some other variety — will keep things interesting and make you less likely to experience that burnout. 


#4) They make working out social and fun

According to Harvard Health, introducing a social element to exercise helps a lot of people stick with it. Fitness challenges bring together people from all kinds of communities — sometimes local, sometimes international, and everything in between! — so that participants can benefit from that social element.

An added bonus of online challenges is that they make it possible for you to engage in a health-focused community no matter where you are! Even in a time of social distancing, you can participate in the best online yoga challenges out there.


#5) An online yoga challenge makes working out more convenient and effective

This might seem obvious, but these online challenges are online. Maybe you’ve run into other obstacles with establishing a regular yoga routine in the past, but that won’t happen with an online yoga challenge.

You can start with a yoga 30 day challenge no matter where you are or what your schedule allows. As long as you have access to a streaming device, you’re ready to go!

Are you ready to get started? Yeah, we figured.

If we do say so ourselves, our online yoga classes can be put together into the best online yoga challenges in the game. Are you ready to get abs doing yoga?


5-day Core Challenge

Online Yoga Challenge

Yoga Challenge for fall online

Online Yoga classes for fall

30 day Online Yoga Challenge

Online Yoga Challenge for fall

This summer, we worked with our friends at The Motherchic to create the Bulldog Yoga x The Motherchic Challenge. There’s actually a 10 Day Yoga Challenge and a Yoga 30 Day Challenge! We may have designed these workouts for summer, but they’re perfect for any time of year. They’re some of the best online yoga challenges, no matter the season!


Whatever length of yoga challenge you choose, we’re pretty confident that you’ll love the way you feel. We can’t wait to hear about your challenge experiences! 


Yoga Challenge for fall