“The MotherChic” 30 Day Plan

30-Day Yoga Plan for Busy Parents

You're Busy! Here's a Great Way to Help You Stay On Track!

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30 day yoga workout plan
What You Can Expect

This MotherChic 30-day plan is designed to help busy parents stay in a fitness rhythm. The health benefits associated with this custom workout plan include increased flexibility, improved cardio health, improved energy, weight reduction and maintaining a balanced metabolism.

After this 30-day plan, you'll be flying high and noticing that you have more energy to help you take on your day. And best of all, you'll be ready to tackle your next custom workout plan 👐🏼.

Plan Details

Length: 30 Days

Focus: Increase Flexibility, Busy Parents

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“The MotherChic” 30 Day Plan
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