Maybe you’re feeling a little bored lately with your current workout routine. You have a few fresh wellness goals that you want to meet and you think it’s time to take a new approach to fitness.  So, you’re wondering what are the benefits of power yoga workouts online?


Core Points!

  • Unlike other types of yoga, power yoga is a fast-paced and dynamic activity that emphasizes the flow from one pose to the next, rather than a single pose at a time. [more]
  • Power yoga is a low-impact, bodyweight exercise meaning it makes it accessible to everyone. [more]
  • You can get the best possible combination of physical power, strength, and flexibility of any other workout out there – the health benefits are countless! [more]
  • With so many health benefits, power yoga is the one exercise that can improve your overall mental and physical health.   [more]


When a lot of people think of yoga, they probably picture slow movements, sitting quietly, and meditating on a mat. But let’s get real: for those of us with specific health and fitness goals, slow, quiet movements may not be the most effective or appealing path. So allow us to blow your mind with a yoga news flash: There are actually other types of yoga that can be used to help you achieve those health and fitness goals.

Enter power yoga online — a way to blend the benefits of a yoga practice with the benefits of other, more intense exercise programs that will help you get exactly what you need from your workouts. 

You obviously want more info, right? According to Men’sHealth, the toughest step to make is the first one … and it’s usually the most rewarding!


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Trying power yoga has never been more accessible! 😎


What is power yoga?

power yoga online

You can do power yoga at home!

Power yoga is kind of just an official name for exactly the kind of yoga we practice around here — high energy, fast-paced, cardio-driven… and also very fun. It really lends itself to a great yoga workout, whether you’re in the studio or doing yoga online. 

Taking online power yoga classes also has tons of health benefits. 





The awesome health benefits of power yoga workouts!


#1) You’ll get a full-body workout

It can be a challenge to find the right kind of exercise to work out every part of your body. To make this happen, you may try alternating different types of exercise routines on different days. But what happens when you miss a day? Your fitness routine might start to feel lopsided. 

Power yoga can eliminate that issue, because it’s a full-body workout all on its own! You can rely on just one fitness practice to benefit your whole body. 

Want to get more focused on individual muscles or muscle groups? Cool! You can also use power yoga to focus on a particular area. Certain poses are designed to work with specific parts of the body. No matter what part of your body you need to work on — or if you want to show some extra TLC to all of the muscle groups — the health benefit of power yoga will get you the health and fitness results you’ve been looking for. 


#2) It increases your stamina

Any time you start experimenting with a new activity, you probably can’t help but wonder if it will build stamina. After all, anything you’re trying for the first or second time can feel difficult or overwhelming… but with practice, you get stronger, feel more comfortable, and can do it more frequently and for longer periods of time. If it’s going to feel challenging, you want to know that it’s going to build stamina! 

Power yoga, which is a great form of low-impact cardio, will build that stamina. You just have to give it time. Be patient with yourself! The aerobic, continuous nature of power yoga means that your body will be moving and your heart pumping for the duration of any session. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, this kind of aerobic exercise does increase stamina in the long term, even if you’re just feeling short of breath and tired in those first few beginner power yoga classes. 


#3) It’s a low-impact exercise

power yoga online


Lots of exercise programs are hard on the body, especially on the joints. Even if you get positive results from your exercise, you may have negative effects, too. As a result of joint damage, you may even have to stop your favorite exercise program! Runners, for example, know all too well what happens when you push your body too hard for too long with a single movement. Those knees can get sore!

With most exercises, you’ve gotta balance the time spent exercising with enough rest time to let your body recover. If you don’t, you can risk injury, which could keep you from exercising for even longer. Ugh. 

While rest days are important in any exercise program, power yoga online classes will be kinder to your body than other options. Since yoga is lower-impact, you don’t have to worry as much about injuries or straining yourself with regular practices. 

The bottom line? Doing power yoga online will help you improve your health without doing too much damage to your body. It’s kind of a win-win. 

#4) You can adapt your practice to your needs

One of the coolest things about power yoga is that it allows you to create a custom workout plan regardless of your prior experience or ability. This is way different from other types of exercise programs, which require everyone to start from a certain point and work their way up, regardless of their mobility or other special concerns. Even if you love a workout, this can take some of the fun out of it. 

Whether you’ve never exercised a day in your life or you’ve been working out every day for years, power yoga online classes can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Start off by modifying your power yoga flow to your own abilities. The leaders in our online power yoga classes will make suggestions to help you do this! As you progress and gain strength and flexibility, you can modify your practice to more advanced poses so your practice grows with you 


#5) It will help you get a burn on your cross-training days

the best online yoga classes

Per the Mayo Clinic, cross-training involves doing a variety of different exercises or fitness activities while reducing the risk of injury. It’s a great way to work out different parts of the body or to work out in different ways. It keeps your body moving without allowing it to get used to certain exercise programs too quickly. No one likes getting bored — and your body doesn’t, either. 

Too often, though, people find cross-training exercise programs less rigorous than they would like. This might mean they feel like they’re not getting a “real” workout on cross-training days. 

That’s where power yoga comes in.

Practice yoga on your cross-training days! It allows your body to push pause on your regular exercise program, but still gives you the burn that you’re used to getting from other workouts. Trust us: if you’re taking a power yoga online class, you’re moving your body and working it hard. It’s an awesome cross-training option. 

Speaking of cross-training, here’s a note for all the runners out there — power yoga is great for runners! Want to be in top running form? Check out our YouTube video about yoga for runners!


#6) It can improve your mental and spiritual health

A regular power yoga practice can offer lots of mental and spiritual health benefits. It can go a long way to boost your happiness

Remember: maintaining a healthy lifestyle is about more than just your physical wellness. Your mental and spiritual health contributes to your overall health, as well. A holistic approach to wellness is the ideal approach to being your best self. 

Power yoga can do it all! It offers you a more holistic approach to your healthy lifestyle. Yoga has a meditative and relaxing quality to it, so when you do yoga, you can take care of your mental and spiritual health while also working on your physical health. 

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADA), “when the stress affects the brain, with its many nerve connections, the rest of the body feels the impact, as well, so it stands to reason that if your body feels better, so does your mind.”

And since you can practice yoga online, you might also find yourself feeling less stressed than you would if you had to hustle to a studio or find your way in an overwhelming gym! 


#7) It may enhance your focus and mental awareness

Yoga Workouts for Beginners

Power yoga requires you to really tune in to your body so that you can focus on its changing positions — and hold them, even when you’d really like to take a break. You’ll feel more focused in your yoga practice over time, but you’ll also be able to take that focus off the mat and into other areas of your life. And couldn’t we all use just a little extra focus?

Whether you find yourself needing a boost in mental awareness when you’re on the job or trying to keep things running smoothly at home, you’ll see an improvement after a couple of sessions of power yoga. 


#8) It will help you build strength

Improving strength is, of course, a primary reason that many people choose to exercise regularly. 

But if you’re not a fan of lifting weights or pumping iron, you may feel that you don’t have many options for increasing your strength. Right? Wrong! 

Power yoga is a great way to improve your strength without using traditional weights or machines. Yoga is considered a bodyweight exercise program, which means it uses your body’s resistance to build strength.

Per ​​Parade, yoga is one of the best exercises to strengthen your core. HELLOOO ABS!

People who don’t like other weight lifting methods or who struggle with mobility issues that prevent them from using weight machines should definitely consider power yoga online as an alternative. Since yoga focuses on the positioning of your body and its movements, you get the opportunity to build strength without having to use any special equipment or worry about whether that equipment will be suited for your personal needs. 

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#9) It boosts flexibility

power yoga for men

Dudes in slippers can do power yoga online too!


We can guess what you might be thinking. Why do I need to be flexible? I’m not trying to become a gymnast or do the splits

That’s a fair point. But you might not be considering how important it is to be flexible in your day to day life! And it’s never too late to start. 

Per Harvard Health, flexibility exercises help promote a wider range of motion, prevent injuries, ward off the common aches and pains that come with time, and keep you from losing your balance. 

Basically, the more flexible you are, the more comfortable you’ll be doing other activities, from sitting in the car for a road trip and playing with your kids to running and doing other strength training exercises

Like other types of yoga, power yoga is known for helping to improve flexibility.


#10) It will help you get rid of all those toxins!

Power yoga can often get sweaty — even power yoga for beginners! — so you’ll want to be ready with a towel and plenty of water. While this might feel kind of icky in the moment, it has plenty of health benefits, which helps set power yoga apart from other kinds of yoga. 

According to Healthline, sweating often means that you’re detoxifying your body of heavy metals, eliminating chemicals, and cleansing your system of bacteria. Hello, detox! Healthline also notes that sweating during exercise translates to more general health benefits, including increased energy, weight maintenance, improved mood, and better sleep. 


#11) It may improve posture

online yoga workouts


You can’t overestimate the importance of maintaining good posture

MedlinePlus notes that good posture — which is basically the way you hold yourself both when you’re moving and staying still — is key for keeping your musculoskeletal system aligned, protecting your spine from injury, minimizing pains, improving flexibility, and facilitating healthy breathing and digestion. 

So, yeah. Good posture more or less affects everything where your health is concerned. 

Staying active is one of many ways that you can maintain good posture and reap all of those awesome benefits. And power yoga is a seriously awesome way to stay active! 


#12) It’s a real calorie burner

We’re most certainly not here to suggest that you need to lose weight, but if you do happen to have weight loss goals in mind, power yoga for weight loss is legit.

According to Verywell Fit, power yoga burns more calories than most traditional forms of yoga and can therefore support weight loss (if that’s what you’re into). 


#13) Power yoga can improve your overall health

If the details of all of these other benefits aren’t enough to convince you that power yoga will support an overall improvement in your physical AND mental wellness, then maybe this quote from Aura Wellness Center will do the trick: 

“Power yoga practitioners boost their immune systems and become more in tune with their body overall.”

We think that pretty much sells power yoga as all you could wish for in a workout! 


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