Learn yoga poses for beginners with a Slow Flow Yoga Routine

Hey, Bulldoggers! It’s nice to “meet” you!

If this is the first time we’re connecting, I’m Brittany, a class leader at our Villanova and Malvern studios. You might also recognize me from classes on Bulldog Online classes.

I’m a corporate civil engineer turned yoga teacher and I love sharing yoga with people, whether it’s in a studio IRL or in the comfort of your own home with online yoga classes. I’m here on the blog today to help you brush up on some beginner yoga poses!

Whether you’re a beginner yogi or have been practicing for years, it never hurts to get back to basics. Sometimes, it’s even more important for so-called “experts” to get a refresher, since it’s probably been a while since you gave those basics a lot of thought! According to Men’sHealth, the toughest step to make is the first one … and it’s usually the most rewarding.

Before we get started, I want to mention that modifications to any poses are a great way to start your yoga journey. Modifications incorporated throughout your flow will help your body ease into these new poses as well as prevent injuries. Take it easy when starting out and be sure to listen to your body.



There are 5 beginner yoga poses you should really know:

  1. Child’s Pose
  2. Table Top
  3. High Plank
  4. Upward Dog
  5. Downard Dog


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Each one of these beginner yoga poses can get your body moving and grooving, and when done in sequence, they make for a really nice slow flow yoga routine, too. 

Keep scrolling for some of my best tips on getting the most out of these five beginner yoga poses.  And, check out our YouTube vid on starting your at home yoga journey.

You’ve got this, Bulldoggers! 



yoga for beginners at home

Basic Yoga Routine

Of all of the beginner yoga poses out there, Child’s Pose is probably your ideal starting point. It’s one of the most popular ways to open a class and I recommend it for kicking off your own slow flow yoga workout at home (or wherever else you happen to have your mat!). 

Child’s Pose is meant to be grounding, easy, and restful. Set your knees wide on the mat, touch your big toes together, and rest your forehead on your mat. Your arms should reach out ahead of you with your palms spread wide. Rest in this pose until you’re ready to move into the next one… or for as long as you’re loving the way it feels!

It’s easy to modify this beginner yoga pose if you’re not comfortable doing it this way. Consider bringing your knees together under your chest (especially if you have tighter hips), resting your forehead on a block instead of on the mat, or letting your elbows rest on the mat. 



yoga videos for beginners

Next up is Table Top pose! 

From your Child’s Pose, place your wrists under your shoulders, your hips under your knees, and rotate the creases of your elbows forward. Spread your palms wide on your mat and engage your belly and triceps.

Table Top is a great intro to other beginner yoga poses like High Plank and Downward Dog… but I’ll get to those in a second. 



Beginner yoga

This is where you might start to feel that burn in your full-body workout! But don’t worry — we’re still talking about beginner yoga poses here. 

To get into a High Plank from Table Top, step your toes to the back of your mat. Your shoulders should remain over your wrists, the creases of your elbows should stay forward, and your belly and triceps should stay engaged. Ripple your weight forward into your toes. Keep your gaze forward and down so that your neck stays long.

When you keep your abs engaged in this beginner yoga pose, it’s an awesome core exercise! Per ​​Parade, yoga is one of the best exercises to strengthen your core. WIN!



Beginner Yoga Poses


It wouldn’t be right for me to talk beginner yoga poses with my bulldoggers and leave out some moves with “dog” in the name!

Ripple forward from your High Plank, untuck your toes, move your chest forward, and roll your shoulders back. Your gaze can stay forward or move slightly up. Your knees and thighs should hover above the ground.

Modify this beginner yoga pose by dropping your knees and thighs to your mat for Cobra pose. You might still be building strength… and that’s totally cool. 



yoga for beginners at home

Try Yoga At Home


And now for the grand finale of beginner yoga poses… Downward Dog! 

If you’re flowing directly from Upward Dog, tuck your toes under and engage your belly. Lift your tailbone to the sky. Send your weight back into your legs and heels, move your heart toward your thighs, and rest your gaze toward your knees. 

There’s always the option to leave a slight bend in your knees on this one.


There you have it, bulldoggers — five beginner yoga poses to take you through an awesome basic slow flow yoga routine. And remember, you’re doing this for you and the amazing health benefits you get from yoga.  Enjoy! 


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