The benefits of yoga, especially an online yoga workout at home, are countless. We all know that working out can be tough — and the hardest part can be just finding the strength to make it to your workout in the first place! Getting there may be half the battle. The more convenient you make your workout, the more likely you are to actually do it. That’s why online yoga at home can be such a fantastic addition to your wellness regimen.

Like doing yoga in-person, online yoga in the comfort of your own home will get your body moving and your heart pumping, but it has advantages beyond the health benefits you might expect. 


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Check out these benefits of doing a yoga workout at home …


#1)  You can do it on your own time

Gone are the days of being fully dependent on a studio’s class schedule. With online yoga classes, you can quite literally hit the mat at any time of the day or night. It’s never been simpler!

This is especially helpful for parents, professionals, and anyone who has a less-than-predictable routine. Not sure what time you’re going to get home from the office? Unclear on when your kids are going to give you the space you need for self-care? Trying to fill that awkward period late at night when you’re having trouble falling asleep? 

Make online yoga work for you by taking a class during any of those times. You won’t have to reschedule anything, skip a workout, or get behind on your wellness goals.


#2)  You don’t need to arrange childcare

Top Benefits of a Full Body Workout at Home

We’ve already talked about how hard it can be to arrange your schedule to work out. When you have kids, it’s that much more difficult. Even if you do arrange childcare to accommodate your fitness, there’s no guarantee that those arrangements won’t fall through. 

One of the many benefits of working out at home is that you don’t have to worry about arranging childcare. You’ll be on your own turf, so you’ll be easily available if your family needs you.

Yoga is also a great exercise program for kids! If your kiddos are able, invite them to join you for your time on the mat. You’ll have some quality time together and the whole family will reap the health benefits of yoga. 


#3)  There’s no pressure to be an expert at yoga

We try to keep things pretty relaxed in our studio, but we get it — if you’re new to yoga, no amount of chill vibes can make those first few classes any less intimidating, especially if you’re on the more reserved side. Online classes are great for beginners because they take all of the pressure of a studio class away. You can stop thinking about how you look in each pose or whether or not you’re flowing as quickly as the class leader. Instead, you can focus on having fun and getting the best workout possible.


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Ditch The Intimidation – Do YOUR thing!


Kiss the intimidation goodbye! With no one watching, you can exercise at your own pace, experiment or adapt your workout so you get what you want and need out of it. Without gymtimidation, you’ll have a better foundation for achieving your health and fitness goals since you can stay fully tuned in to Y-O-U. 


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#4)  You can get your loved ones involved

Bulldog Online Yoga Classes

Getting fit can feel a little lonely sometimes. When you’re doing it on your own terms, you have the opportunity to make it social! 

Stream an online yoga class on the biggest screen in your house and ask your partner or kids to give yoga a shot. You can also invite friends and family members who live elsewhere to stream a class at the same time as you. Why not make it a remote yoga party? 

And if your pets wander their way onto your mat mid-class? The more, the merrier.


#5)  You’ll have fewer excuses not to work out

Almost all of your usual excuses become irrelevant when you start bringing yoga to your home base. There’s no traffic to make you late for class, no icky weather conditions to tempt you to ditch your workout plan… and the list goes on.


#6)  It’s a cost-effective workout plan

Top Benefits of a Full Body Workout at Home

Gym memberships can be pricey, and if you don’t get to the gym very much, the expense isn’t really worth it. These memberships are often one of the first items on the chopping block when people rework their budgets. 

It’s worth noting, though, that prioritizing fitness can actually cut back on your spending in the long run.


According to a new study in the Journal of the American Heart Association:

Exercise can save people between $500 and $2,500 in medical bills every year. It’s to your financial benefit to find a workout that fits your current budget and lifestyle.


Online yoga classes might just fit the bill! They allow you to skip the expensive gym membership, while still reaping the many health benefits of yoga. Plus, you don’t need any fancy equipment — just some comfortable clothes and (maybe) a yoga mat. 

Cost shouldn’t be an obstacle to your health, and when you work out at home, it doesn’t have to be. 


#7)  You can get comfy as soon as you’re done

Bulldog Online Yoga Classes

You know that feeling when you finish an intense workout and all you want to do is rinse off, throw on a pair of sweats, and eat something delicious? 

Yup. We’re very familiar. 

You can do all of those things ASAP when you exercise in the comfort of your own home.


#8)  You won’t waste the travel time

We don’t think we’ve ever met a person who felt like they had enough hours in the day to accomplish all of the things on their priority list. Traveling can be a big drain on that precious time! According to a study from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, commuters waste an average of fifty-four years stuck in traffic every year.

With a stat like that in mind, we understand that logging more time in the car in order to get to a yoga class may be a reason to opt out of being active. Who wants to waste additional hours getting from home to a gym or studio?

Practicing yoga at home means that you get all of the benefits of exercise without adding more travel time to your already packed schedule. 


#9)  You can practice in your happiest place (at home!)

If prioritizing exercise has been a struggle for you in the past, it may be time to change up the way you feel about working out by doing it in a place that always makes you smile. 

Set up your yoga mat and a computer, phone, or tablet in whatever room of your home you love the most. If your happiest place is your backyard or deck, that’s even better. 


#10)  You’ll feel confident during and after the workout

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You can really own your yoga sweat sesh by bringing it home. 

Whether you’ve been doing yoga for years or are just starting out, there’s no comfort zone like working out where you want to. You’ll feel confident and positive about your at-home yoga workout — and we’re willing to bet that those good vibes will put you on the fast track to getting stronger and more fit. 


Ready to get started with your yoga workout at home?

So…why not start taking advantage of all of the benefits yoga has to offer? (BTW – that includes mental health benefits!!)

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