When you think of yoga, you probably think of the practice’s many health benefits, the way it can serve as an awesome form of self-care, and the extent to which it can help you boost your mental clarity and emotional well-being.

You probably also think of grown-ups. And you’re not wrong! The vast majority of yogis fall into the “adult” category, but did you know that online yoga for kids is also extremely legit?

Well, it is. 


It’s time to popularize online yoga for kids

We love to share with you the health benefits of taking online yoga classes, but we haven’t said much about why online yoga for kids is so fantastic. Yoga videos for kids can have a majorly positive effect on the young people in your life. Let’s break it down…


online yoga at home for kids

According to a 2016 article from Harvard Health,

“Yoga has become increasingly popular among school-aged children. Between 2007 and 2012, 400,000 more children started getting on their own yoga mats. For kids between the ages of six and twelve, yoga has been proven to improve both physical and mental health.”


It improves balance, strength, endurance, and aerobic capacity in children.

Studies have also shown that yoga can boost school performance by improving focus, memory, self-esteem, and classroom behavior. 

Here are a few more benefits of online yoga for kids.

According to Parents.com… 

  • Yoga teaches kids to use their muscles in new ways.
  • It helps kids learn more about their bodies and how they work.
  • Yoga boosts self-esteem and confidence! Getting into new poses while watching yoga videos for kids encourages young people to persevere, be patient, and work toward their goals. 
  • It strengthens the mind-body connection. Yoga helps kids exercise their physical bodies while calming their mental spirit.


(We can practically hear parents all over the world celebrating this news.) 

For so long, though, these benefits were hard to come by for kids! If they didn’t have access to a local yoga studio that offered classes for kiddos, they probably never had a chance to cash in on the positive side effects of a yoga practice. 


But those days are gone, because online yoga for kids makes it possible for your littles to benefit from being on the mat no matter where you live or what your schedule looks like!

Yoga videos for kids have made yoga accessible for young people worldwide, as long as they have a device they can stream from.

Any online yoga class can be a gateway to online yoga for kids. With Bulldog Online, we offer a wide range of yoga videos, all of which can technically be yoga videos for kids. Since your littles are probably coming into online yoga for kids without much experience, beginner classes will be best-suited for them. Power yoga workouts for beginners offer benefits for literally all ages, so why not start them young?  

And… all of our online yoga classes are set to great playlists.  That’ll help keep the kids engaged and you’ll all enjoy the amazing health and brain benefits of music


Beyond just the health and academic benefits, we think that online yoga for kids can add a lot of value to your family as a whole. 

Yoga Reimagined

Picture this: You and your kids are feeling a little restless. Everyone’s snapping at each other. Maybe you’ve been stuck inside social distancing for a little too long and you need to find a new way to blow off steam! In the past, you may have told everyone to go to their rooms or simply thrown up your hands and walked away. (Parents know we’ve all been there.) 


But here’s a plot twist — this time, instead of getting frustrated, you’ll bring the family to the nearest streaming device, ask everyone to grab a spot on the floor, and get some yoga videos for kids on the screen.

Before you know it, the whole family will be engaged in online yoga for kids, learning something new, burning off excess energy, and generally just having a great time… together. 

Does that sound like a dream or does that sound like a dream?

It’s totally a dream… but you can make it real in your family! The benefits speak for themselves.

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Dr. Jeffrey Tanji at UC Davis Health stresses the importance of making exercise a family affair,

“I am a firm believer in family fitness. It enhances the health and mood of every member of the family, whatever the age. Inactive children tend to grow into sedentary adults. I challenge parents to ‘activate’ their families and start a pattern for their kids of lifelong physical activity. It truly is a gift for the family.” 


And who doesn’t love a gift?



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If simply sharing yoga videos for kids with your loved ones isn’t enough to jumpstart a love of online yoga for kids, you can go a step further and turn it into a game!


best online yoga for kids

The experts at Harvard Health suggest three, in particular: 


How to Motivate Your Kids to Try Yoga

#1)  Mirror, Mirror

This is a great way to explain online yoga classes to your younger children. As you bring up yoga classes on your screen, explain to them that they’ll be copying the leader’s movements as if they’re looking into a mirror! This will help them understand how to interact with yoga videos for kids and will turn a standard online yoga class into a game for them without too much effort on your part.


#2)  Yogi Says

Once your family has tried online yoga, you can inspire them to take what they’ve learned into other parts of their life with a game of “Yogi Says.” See if they can remember any of the movements they learned from those yoga videos for kids. Select one kiddo as the Yogi and put them in charge of leading the rest of the family through those movements. If they don’t say “Yogi says…” before offering up an instruction, the other players should not follow that instruction. It’s the yoga version of “Simon Says.”


#3)  Red Light, Green Light Yoga

This game can help your kids stay active through an online yoga class. Set yourself up at the front of the room once you have your yoga classes cued up to watch. Once you push “play,” you should periodically call out “red light!” or “green light!” When you call “green light,” your kids should use the yoga poses the class leader is teaching on-screen to move closer to you. When you call “red light,” they should stop. By the end of the online yoga class, you’ll all be lined up in the front of the room and can wrap up the session together. 


The bottom line? Online yoga for kids can be really freakin’ fun! Not just for the kids themselves, but for the whole family that is participating! 


best online yoga for kids