Whether your children are babies, toddlers, teenagers — or even adults! — you’re never quite off-duty. And if you feel like someone always needs something from you, you’re not alone.

It’s a common experience for parents everywhere. Since working out can improve your health and quality of life, if you’re a mama, it may be time for you to explore yoga for busy moms. 

The good news? We know exactly where you should go.


Get your fitness on from the comfort of your home

Trying yoga with your family has never been easier! 😎


You can find the perfect brand of yoga for moms

Let’s get one thing straight first, mamas. This might be hard for you to wrap your head around, but say it with us now: You deserve to take time for yourself. Say it again and again… until you believe it! 

Look, we’re not asking you to pretend that you don’t have a million things to do. Obviously, you do. But self care is important for all of us — including parents!

Yes, we’re encouraging you to prioritize yoga for moms

The experts agree. According to an article by Dr. Laura Choate in Psychology Today, self care is actually key to parenting — and moms really need it. Dr. Choate notes that mothers are especially likely to wear themselves out with parenting.


Yoga for Busy Moms


Here are 3 big reasons that self-care (including yoga for busy moms) is so crucial:

  1. Per Dr. Choate, mothers “need to be the center of stability and consistency in our homes, even while everything else is spinning around. We can learn what we need to do to stay centered.” Taking the time to do yoga for moms might be just what you need to get that centering effect. After all, experiencing more mindfulness is one of the many benefits of yoga.
  2. As difficult as it is, it’s also important for moms to look for opportunities to separate themselves from their children, especially as they get older. As your kids age into school and teenage years, Dr. Choate encourages moms everywhere to fill the “gaps” in their own lives by turning “energy towards creating your own fulfilling life that isn’t dependent on [your child’s] moods or performance on any given day.” Seeking out the best yoga for moms out there (AKA Bulldog online) is a great way to begin to fill those gaps and invest in more self care.
  3. You have to model healthy self care for your children! When you show your littles (regardless of their age) that you make time for yoga for busy moms in your hectic schedule, they’ll learn coping and problem solving skills of their own… and they’ll be more likely to indulge in essential self care themselves as they grow older. And don’t you want that for them? 


Online Yoga for Moms

We’re on the same page about the fact that moms deserve to make time for themselves, let’s chat about why Bulldog Online is undeniably the best yoga for busy moms you can find, whether you’re a seasoned yogi or are looking for beginner yoga classes!


Online yoga fits into your schedule

When you’re relying on the time constraints of a brick and mortar workout studio to dictate your fitness schedule, it’s easy to make excuses to skip out on yoga for moms. I don’t have time to juggle my mom responsibilities and yoga. I feel terrible when I’m out of the house if my kids are home. The schedule just doesn’t work for my family! 

These excuses are obviously valid when you’re working with more limited class offerings. With Bulldog Online yoga classes, those days are over! You can grab your mat, cue up a class on any one of your devices, and get your workout in. This really does make Bulldog Online the perfect kind of power yoga for busy moms. 


Online yoga doesn’t have to take too long!

All too often, we assume that a workout has to go on for hours in order to be effective. That’s not necessarily the case! You can get a great cardio yoga flow in with a shorter session of yoga for moms.

Among our wide range of online classes, you can find “Bulldog Bites,” which are exactly what they sound like — shorter classes that are super effective and focused on specific workout goals. (Busy moms everywhere rejoice!)


You can get your kids involved.

No one ever said your kiddos can’t get involved in your fitness and self care practices… at least, no one here ever said that.

The best yoga for busy moms

Yoga for busy moms becomes all the more convenient and effective when it can really become a family affair. Doing online yoga with your kids is actually a lot of fun. Grab your fam and get moving.


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You can even customize this kind of yoga for moms!

That’s right, mamas. With the help of The MotherChic, we’ve put together special custom workout plans that really lay out the perfect schedule of yoga for busy moms. Check these out:

These plans are a great place to begin if you’re looking to get started with a more consistent yoga habit. Recruit some mom friends who are also interested in doing yoga for moms and set it up as an online yoga challenge for this fall! You can hold each other accountable and stay on track with your wellness goals as a group.

Expectant mamas can also reap the benefits of yoga for busy moms!

Moms-to-be, we’re not leaving you out. There’s a lot to be said for prenatal yoga, too. 


busy mom sneed online yoga classes


Benefits of prenatal yoga poses, per the American Pregnancy Association:

  • Better sleep
  • Less stress
  • More strength, flexibility, and endurance (thanks to those prenatal yoga poses!)
  • Pain management
  • Reduction in the nausea that often comes with pregnancy 
  • Fewer headaches
  • Reduced risk of preterm labor

If you’re pregnant and want to dip your toe into yoga for moms by playing with some prenatal yoga poses, the American Pregnancy Association notes that you should listen to your body as you figure out how to structure your yoga routine. And be sure to check in with your doctors before you make any major changes to your physical activity. Women who are at extra risk of preterm labor may need to be extra careful about practicing yoga for moms. 


We have a feeling that our Activate online classes will be especially appropriate for all the pregnant yogis out there, so give those a try! Activate classes will give you a nice prenatal slow flow yoga — you’re going to love them. 

We feel so lucky to have the opportunity to bring moms everywhere together to practice yoga for busy moms. After all, you deserve to feel your best.


Get started with our Yoga for Busy Moms: 10-Day Plan!