Easy online yoga classes seems like a myth but we’re here to let you in on the secret!

We’re all friends here, Bulldoggers, so we feel pretty comfortable being honest with you.

This is a safe space, right?

Then here goes nothing: we talk a big game around here sometimes, but we are definitely not free from our insecurities. We get nervous making new friends, putting ourselves out there, taking on a new goal, and starting something new – like, anything new. And that includes yoga!

Every single member of the Bulldog family was once new to yoga — and do you want to know what got them comfy with the practice? Taking an easy yoga class! According to Men’sHealth, the toughest step to make is the first one … and it’s usually the most rewarding! 

You might be thinking: “Well, duh. I would obviously start with an easy yoga class.”

Why You Should Start with Easy Yoga Online

Here’s the thing — you might be surprised by how many people skip over yoga classes for beginners and go straight for something a little more advanced! This is especially true for aspiring yogis who have a background in other kinds of exercise. Knowing they already have a base level of strength, flexibility, and cardio fitness, they’ll bypass an easy yoga class entirely.

We understand the temptation — we’re only human, and we all love to prove ourselves sometimes! — but we really would encourage you to kick off your yoga journey with an easy yoga class. Let’s all set aside our pride and agree there’s no shame in establishing a beginners yoga routine first, shall we? You’ve gotta walk before you can run! (Yes, this is a cliche, but cliches only become cliches because they’re true.)


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Trying yoga has never been easier or more fun! 😎


Experts agree: Beginners should start with easy yoga classes

According to Cedric Bryant — chief exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise — it’s best to start any new exercise regimen with caution.


Best Easy Yoga Class for beginners

Dr. Bryant advised new fitness enthusiasts on WebMD to:

“Start low and go slow. Generally speaking, when people go about it too aggressively early in the program, they tend not to stick with it over the long haul. What you really want to do is to develop some new habits that you can stick with for a lifetime.” 


You heard the doctor! An easy yoga class is clearly the way to go if you don’t have a lot of experience on the mat.

For anyone starting a new fitness routine — including a beginners yoga routine — WebMD also recommends setting some clear, concise workout goals. Your goals should also be realistic!

There are plenty of health benefits to be gained from yoga classes for beginners, so you might want to begin the goal-setting process by considering which of those benefits you’re most interested in bringing to your life.


Check out these benefits you can get from taking an easy yoga class, according to the National Institutes of Health

  • Yoga can boost your overall wellness by supporting good health habits.
  • It can decrease stress levels.
  • A yoga routine will improve your mental health and sleep quality. 
  • Chronic pain? Try yoga! It’s been proven to relieve pain, especially in the lower back and neck. 
  • Regular yoga sessions can support your weight maintenance goals.
  • High-energy power yoga — like the kind we practice around here! — gets your heart pumping, which can also be good for your cardio wellness.  
  • Yoga improves strength, flexibility, and balance. 


Spend some time thinking through those health benefits and choose a few that are especially important to you. It’s a great way to set some wellness goals to keep you motivated through your first few easy yoga classes.


How to start yoga classes as a beginner

Awesome. You’re a Bulldogger of action! We love it. 

Now that you’re on board with taking an easy yoga class to kick off your love affair with yoga (because, trust us — it is going to be a love affair), you just need to be pointed in the right direction. Where are the best yoga classes for beginners readily available? 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we know we’re probably a little biased, but online yoga classes are where it’s at.

There are so many classes to choose from, many of which are perfect for a beginners yoga routine. 

  • We recommend Activate classes for beginners. Activate classes are the most mellow of our offerings, which makes them ideal for anyone who wants to get a feel for the practice and ease their way into beginner yoga poses for the first (or second, or third) time. You’ll get a great stretch in and will work your whole body to a very chill playlist. 
  • Beginners might also want to check out our Beginner Bulldog Bites classes. These classes are on the shorter side — the Beginner Warm Up is just twelve minutes! — and will take you through the basics of a beginners yoga routine. It’s the ideal easy yoga class! 


Easy Beginner Yoga Class


And then there’s the ultimate beginner yoga starter kit…

If you’re looking for something a little more comprehensive as you start planning out your schedule of easy yoga classes, you’re about to become totally obsessed with our Beginner Yoga Workout Plan

Seriously, guys — don’t even go down this road unless you’re ready to fall in love with it. You’re going to!

The Beginner Yoga Workout Plan is a series of workouts that focus on giving you everything you need to get into easy yoga at home. It lays out four full weeks of easy yoga classes that you can take on your own time and in your own space. It starts out with the basics and Activate classes, and moves into classes that prioritize specific beginner yoga poses and muscle groups. 


🚨 Calling all aspiring yogis (and anyone who just wants to have a good time) 🚨 the Beginner Yoga Workout Plan is truly the perfect online yoga challenge for fall… and beyond! 


You’ve heard from the experts and learned a little more about the easy yoga classes that are out there.


yoga classes for newcomers

Why you should choose online yoga classes

  • With online classes, there’s really no excuse to skip ahead. In the past, you may have had to rely on a brick and mortar studio’s schedule to determine your workout plan. And if beginner classes weren’t available when it was convenient for you to get there? Well, you were pretty much out of luck. Thanks to online yoga classes, those days are gone! You can choose the classes that meet you right where you are — at the beginning! — and do easy yoga at home whenever it works for you. 
  • Taking an easy yoga class will allow you to take yourself a little less seriously. When you start a new activity at a more advanced level, you might find yourself feeling a little more anxious about proving yourself to other people. If they know what they’re doing (or at least look like they do!), you don’t want to look like a total newb. That pressure is totally removed from the equation in yoga classes for beginners. And if you’re doing easy yoga at home, you really don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. 
  • You’ll be less likely to get hurt if you start with an easy yoga class. No one’s saying you’re not strong and fit. We know you are! But if you’re new to yoga, taking an easy yoga class (or ten!) will help make sure that you’re not pushing yourself so far that you get injured. If you get hurt in your first class because you went too hard too early, you may have to give up altogether. Bummer. 
  • Don’t worry — our easy yoga classes are still a great workout. We promise that we’re not letting you totally off the hook. If a sweat session is what you’re looking for, you’re still going to get some of that in the Bulldog beginners yoga routine.
    Per ​​Parade, yoga is one of the best exercises to strengthen your core. WIN!

  • You’re going to have fun. Learning something new can be a little overwhelming, but it’s also a really cool fresh start! This is definitely true when it comes to easy yoga classes. You’ll be on your mat, teaching your body how to do new moves, while grooving to a great playlist that will make you want to dance and boost the quality of your workout

Sounds pretty fantastic, doesn’t it? Easy yoga classes are where it’s at. Don’t miss out! 


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