Yoga Styles and Resources for Beginners

With so many choices for online yoga, it’s important to provide the best options for beginners. Here, we’ll take you through our top yoga class styles and classes for beginners to help get you fit at home.

To help you get started, we’ve created a great library of the most common poses you’ll see in Bulldog online yoga classes and how to do those poses.  You can also use this as a reference as you progress!


Beginner Yoga Workout Plans

Bulldog Online offers many many types of yoga classes for beginners that are focused on helping newcomers learn yoga, but also give them options for what classes they can try.

Most of these workout plans are designed for beginners and experts alike. Bulldog’s online streaming fitness platform is a great resource for beginners and will give you a full-body workout.

Take a look at the beginner yoga classes we recommend below.


Slow Flow Yoga Workout

Bulldog does slow flow yoga classes a little differently than traditional yoga studios.

Our Activate classes infuse long, deep poses accompanied by custom-curated playlists that will have you feeling the sweat pour down your back.

One of the more popular flows you will learn will be the Warrior pose. We even offer classes designed around these more common flows, like the Warrior Workout.


Low-Impact Cardio Workout

If you are looking for a Low-Impact workout plan, you will love this 30-day workout plan customized to free-flowing yoga exercises and light cardio workouts.


Stress Buster Workout Plan

This customized workout plan is designed for those wanting a power yoga class experience incorporating fun, fitness-fueled yoga workouts. This is an intense yoga workout plan that will challenge both your body and mind.

Make sure to try out the Stress Buster workout plan for yourself to beat those daily stressors!


Begin your yoga journey

We’re here to be a yoga resource for beginners and experts.

Bulldog Online’s various beginner yoga resources are designed to help make beginners feel welcome and confident.

For beginners, taking the first step is the hardest. Congrats on going for it!