Custom 30-Day Workout Plans

Whether you're someone who just started yoga at home for the first time or you're looking for a new challenge, these yoga workout plans are tailored to you.

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Feeling Stressed?

The Stress Buster workout plan was specifically created to help you forget about your daily stressors with a variety of class types and focuses.

What's Your Mood?

If you're someone who likes to kick it up a notch on the fitness scale, then try our Cardio-Driven workout plan.

For those looking to stick to more slow flow online classes, you'll love the Low-Impact Cardio workout plan.


Experience Level?

For both Experienced Yogis and Beginners to Yoga, these 30-day workout plans are custom to your yoga and fitness experience.


The Importance of
Workout Plans

Having a proper 30-day workout plan in place provides workout structure, helps with personal goal-setting, and also prevents burnout.

The Bulldog Online App makes sticking to your workout plan fun and easy.