What to Get The Guy Who’s got it all??? Check out Our┬áBest Gift Ideas for Men


As the holidays quickly approach, lots of people are wracking their brains trying to think of the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Some people can be hard to shop for, even when you know them well.

It can be frustrating to try coming up with the best gift ideas for men only to find that he already has it or someone else is getting it for him. As you’re making your holiday shopping list, here are some ideas that can get you started finding the perfect gift for the guy in your life.


These Gift Ideas for Men Will Make Your Life Easier.


Subscription Boxes

Best Gift Ideas for Men

There are lots of subscription boxes available today!

These are a great gift idea because they take his interest, whether it’s coffee, video games, food, or anything else, and give him gifts throughout the entire year.

Since there are so many types of subscription boxes available, you’ll be sure to find one that’s perfect for the man in your life. If you have a man who has a special interest, a subscription box is the kind of gift that keeps giving and every time he gets a new box, he’ll think of you!

Here are our 5 favorite subscription boxes for men:

  1. Dollar Shave Club (Razors & Shaving)
  2. Gentleman’s Box (Custom Premier Box for Men)
  3. Fan Chest (Unique Sports Fan Gear & Memorabilia)
  4. Stitch Fix for Men (Hand Selected Clothing Box)
  5. Watch Gang (Watch of the Month Club)


Smart Home Technology

Best Gift Ideas for Men

The Internet of Things gives people the chance to connect ordinary household products to the internet and get closer to having a real smart home.

With products like the Amazon Echo and Echo-enabled products like light bulbs, the man in your life can have more control over his home, making it the comfortable castle he deserves. (And if he likes tech, his whole home will be like one big toy for him!)

By getting him smart home technology, like outlet adapters, light bulbs, video doorbells, and other products, you can help him make his home a little more tech-friendly. With so many different products available, it should be easy to use technology to come up with the best gift ideas for men.

Here’s what smart home tech gifts make us perk up:

  1. Amazon Echo (Smart Speaker)
  2. Ring (Doorbell Camera)
  3. Flying Drones (For Both Men and Children)
  4. Nest (Remote Thermostat)


Tech Accessories

Best Gift Ideas for Him

Aside from smart home technology, any kind of tech accessories may be what the man in your life is looking for.

From new Bluetooth headphones to a case for his smartphone to a FitBit to track his health, tech accessories can be among the best gift ideas for men.

If there’s something he uses all the time, like his tablet, you can get accessories specifically for that device or find something that he’s been eyeing for a while but hasn’t purchased for himself yet. Either way, he’ll have some cool accessories for his favorite tech gear to listen to music, play online games, or whatever else he wants to do.

The top-rated tech accessories for 2020 are:

  1. Oculus (Virtual Reality Headsets)
  2. Bose (Noise Cancelling Headphones)
  3. Apple Watch (Series 5)
  4. Sonos Beam (Soundbar)
  5. Tapplock (Smart Padlock w/ Fingerprint Detection)


Kitchen Gadgets

Best Gift Ideas for Men

Lots of men like to cook, even if they don’t get to do it very often. While stereotypes say that men prefer to grill outside, many men like to cook on the stove and in the oven.

If you have a man in your life who likes to cook, kitchen gadgets can be some of the best gift ideas for men. You can give him specialized gadgets to use with unique recipes or high-quality gadgets that he’s likely to use over and over again.

Either way, you’ll show your support of his cooking and give him some things he can use to make delicious meals (Maybe he’ll even make a meal to say thank you for the gift).

These kitchen gadgets will be sure to clean up your holiday to-do list:

  1. Behmor Brewer (Smartphone-Controlled Coffee Brewer Pot)
  2. BioLite FirePit (Portable Fire Pit)
  3. Traditionalists No. 1 (Bar Cart)
  4. Panini Press


Retro Goodies

These days, everything old is new again!

That means retro goodies can be some of the best gift ideas for men. Any hobby items or other special interests can be grounds for a retro gift.

For example, if your guy likes photography, an antique camera would be a good idea. Think about what he likes now and find vintage or antique products related to that hobby or interest. This type of gift works well for men who like history or who have interests in things that have retroelements (like photography).

It might take some digging to find the products, but sites like eBay and Etsy can be a good place to start, too!

Peep our top retro finds (and of course two of them are gaming systems):

  1. Polaroid (Vintage Handheld Cameras)
  2. Sega Genesis Mini (Game Console)
  3. Nintendo Switch Lite (Handheld Gaming)


Pampering Products

Gift Ideas for Dudes

Some guys like to be pampered, too! While the man in your life may not enjoy a spa day or a pedicure, there are gifts you can get that will give your guy pampering in his own way.

From products to use at home, like moisturizers and soaps, to a gift card at an upscale barber shop, you can give your guy some time to feel good physically as well as to feel good about himself.

This is a good way to show him how important he is to you as well as help him make time for self-care!

Our pampering perk ideas:

  1. Manscaped (All-Things Beard Care)
  2. Honest Amish Original (Premier Beard & Shaping Wax)
  3. Etsy Men’s Socks (Personalized Socks)
  4. Hyperice Hypervolt (Handheld Percussion Massager)


New Fitness Workout

yoga for men

Online Yoga Classes – Try Them Together!

Lots of people decide that the new year is a good time to make changes and achieve goals, including health and fitness goals. If the man in your life is health-conscious or is looking to make healthy changes, a new fitness workout is among the best gift ideas for men.

A new fitness workout can give your guy a new way to get healthy and work his body in a different way to help him get to his goals. If he’s been focusing on weight lifting or cardio, yoga could be a great change.

These are the best gift ideas for men when it comes to new fitness apps:

  1. Bulldog Yoga (Online Yoga Streaming App featuring custom workout plans and meditation)
  2. Nike+ Run Club (Run Tracking App)
  3. Strava (Outdoor Cardio Tracking)
  4. Lose It! (Calorie Counting App)
  5. My Fitness Pal (Overall Health Tracker)


These are the Best Gift Ideas for Men All in One Place.

Now that you have all the ideas you need, it’s now time to get gifts for all of the men and boys in your life.

When it comes to gifts, it’s all about putting in the time and getting creative. It doesn’t always have to be functional, it can be fun, too!


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