Beginners Yoga, Made Simple Like That.

Droppin’ some expert advice on beginners yoga at home…

The decisions around taking on a new yoga workout can be filled with questions and uneasiness. And maybe, just maybe, you’ve got a bit of  “can I do this?” rolling around in your head.

Rest easy, bulldoggers, we’ve got answers for you!

Let’s start at the beginning (yep, pun intended! 😆)…beginners yoga at home, like all yoga, has some serious cred when it come’s to health benefits…this great video breaks it down for you.


Is At Home Beginners Yoga a Full Body Workout?

Probably more than you know!  Check out these amazing benefits…

Online yoga classes deliver a great yoga workout - beginner yoga


Trying Yoga for Beginners at Home – From the Experts

Our Bulldog Online leaders have special expertise when it comes to exercising at home.  Their fitness tips will help you make the most out of beginner yoga workouts… no matter where you happen to be doing them! 

Keep scrolling for knowledge from the pros.  And – check out our YouTube vid on this very topic!!! 🤗


ADVICE:  “Decide if yoga online is right for you.”

beginner yoga online


ADVICE: “Get serious about scheduling your workouts.”

If you’re bringing your workouts home — whether with Bulldog Online, a free workout app, or a run around your neighborhood — you might find yourself feeling tempted to keep things loose and unstructured. After all, if you can access a beginner yoga video in the comfort of your own family room or jog around the block, why plan ahead… right?

Wrong — at least according to bulldog online leader Tessa Jenkins.

Tessa recommends scheduling workouts (even at-home ones!) by putting them in your calendar and setting reminders on your phone. There’s nothing like an annoying phone alert to keep you on track with your plans to try yoga for beginners!

“If you make a date with yourself, you are more likely to stick to class,” Tessa says. And it’s not just Tessa saying it!

According to a 2019 study from the University of Oregon,

People who make concrete plans to pursue their wellness goals are more likely to actually work out than people who don’t plan ahead.

So make that date with yourself! 


ADVICE: “Choose online yoga classes which offer classes designed  for beginners.”

Yoga routine for beginners

Beginner Yoga Is Both Challenging And Fun

Doing yoga at home offers a wide range of benefits and, as Mashable notes, there are many choices out there for online yoga classes.

 In fact, there’s even power yoga for beginners!


Per the University of Rochester Medical Center,

“Yoga has been proven to do ease everything from high blood pressure and headaches to arthritis and osteoporosis. It can also improve your mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and stress.”

If you’re a newbie to yoga, you might want to start by thinking about what you most want to gain from a yoga practice. This will make it easier for you to choose the beginner yoga class that is best-suited for you!  

To get you prepped for your online yoga classes, Tessa also offers some poses that are great to do everyday in this PopSugar article (she’s the featured yoga expert in the piece – way to go Tessa!!!)

Tessa would like to remind you that bulldog online offers all kinds of beginner yoga videos to allow you to pick and choose. If you simply want to establish a consistent workout routine, try shorter classes on the days when you’re tight on time. If you want to work up a sweat, take an Invigorate class.   

ADVICE: “Set up everything you need before you start your beginners yoga workout”

yoga online for beginners

If you’re at the start of your journey with yoga for beginners, the last thing you need is to find yourself running all over your home grabbing equipment mid-way through class. A beginner yoga class will be a much better experience if you’re prepared from the get-go. 

Before you cue up your online yoga class, be sure your mat, reusable water bottle, and towel are within arm’s length of your workout area. Knowing you have everything you need, you can get into your fitness flow more calmly and confidently. 

And…you may want to use some props to help you with some poses…check out this video on when props may be helpful and how to use items you have around your home in place of “store bought” props!


ADVICE: “Minimize distractions.”

Trying Yoga for Beginners at Home

Tessa says that cutting down on potential distractions for an at-home workout is key. The number-one culprit for distracting beginner yogis? PHONES (even when we’re not using them, per this study in Social Psychology)

Hide your devices before you get started with your next beginner yoga video. We don’t want you to be tempted to scroll through Instagram or check your email when the going gets tough with your workout. Remember: all of those alerts will be waiting for you when you’re finished with your yoga session. 


ADVICE: “Check-in with yourself while holding poses for longer periods.”

Stay accountable with your beginner yoga

Instead of checking your phone (see what we did there?) while you hold poses for longer periods of time during class, check in on your body! Most of us don’t spend a lot of time actually being aware of how our bodies are feeling at any given time. Taking that time is a very cool opportunity that comes with doing yoga… even if it’s super fast-paced and fun!

Bulldog Online Leader, Sarah Woodward, encourages you to ask yourself a few questions while you hang out in yoga poses for a few (long) seconds. Can I take the pose deeper? Do I need to take a step back?

Staying in tune with your body will ensure that you get the most out of each workout and that you’re making progress in your yoga journey. 


ADVICE: “Invite a friend!” 

Trying Yoga for Beginners at Home

As grown-ups, it’s very rare that we come to something as a total beginner… and that lack of knowledge or experience can be a little scary, right? No one wants to look or feel silly. Unfortunately, this keeps us from trying new things all too often.

One way to ease any nerves you might have about yoga for beginners is to get your favorite people involved! Since you can take a beginner yoga class on Bulldog Online pretty much anywhere, it’s no biggie to make learning about yoga a group activity. 

Inviting a friend or family member to try your next class with you is bound to give you an extra dose of confidence — and to make the experience even more fun. 


ADVICE: “Cut yourself some slack — this is yoga for beginners, remember?” 

Yoga videos for beginners

“Be easy on yourself,” Sarah says. “Your body might not feel the same today as it did yesterday. Embrace the wiggles and wobbles and just remember that you are getting stronger every time you step on your mat.” 

Sarah’s words are a great reminder for anyone who ever spends time on a yoga mat… and especially for beginners! It’s easy to get impatient with yourself on the days when you’re feeling not-so-great about your practice, but don’t give up. You can always come back to it with another beginner yoga video tomorrow!

When in doubt? Remember that you have what it takes to finish any flow… and that you can treat yourself to a glass of wine or chocolate treat when you’re finished to celebrate your accomplishments. 


*BONUS ADVICE: Mindfulness Meditation Benefits

Dozens of scientific studies have shown that regular meditation increases resilience, reduces stress, offsets anxiety and depression, and improves health.

Annnnnd… it makes us less-reactive, nicer people overall.

In this video, we welcome our go-to guru for all things meditation & mindfulness, Allison! She’ll be our guide to walk us through tips to know when creating and starting your at-home meditation practice.

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