You want to stay on track with your fitness goals. Well these ideas just might be what you need!

If you’re working on making online yoga classes a regular part of your routine, there are plenty of goals you might have in mind. Maybe you want to increase your strength or flexibility by taking your yoga workouts online. Perhaps you want to boost your confidence. Do you want to work your core or tone up your arms? Or maybe you just want to shake up your online yoga workouts and have some fun!

Wondering how to stay on track with your fitness goals? We’ve got you covered

5 great ways to stay on track with your fitness goals

5 tips for staying on track with your fitness goals


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#1)  Use a guide to help you stay on track

Establishing an ideal yoga workout plan – whether that be for slow flow yoga or power yoga / cardio yoga –  is a totally personal process. We all respond differently to different exercise regimens, schedules and routines. One thing we can all agree on, though, is that it never hurts to have a guide. If you’re trying to pursue health and fitness goals with your online yoga practice, you might as well call in reinforcements.

Are you new to the yoga mat and mostly interested in trying some beginner online yoga classes? A yoga veteran who’s excited to use online yoga to broaden your practice? Regardless of your experience level — and no matter how intense of a workout you’re looking for or how much you want to challenge yourself. 

With a handy guide to support you, you’ll feel more prepared and confident than ever to tackle a fitness regimen so you can reach your online yoga goals. 

We’ve created a set of custom workout plans which Well + Good loved so much they included in their “Absolute Best”.  And, while we’re probably just a little partial, we’re pretty confident that they can offer just the guidance you need. You’ll start with a 30-second quiz that will help us figure out the perfect plan for you. We’ll get back to you with an online yoga workout plan best suited for your needs and experiences…and one that will help you stay on track with your online fitness goals!


Want to Find the Perfect Workout Plan For You?



#2)  Schedule each workout the day before — pick a time and stick to it

stay on track with your fitness goals by setting a time for your yoga workouts online

According to the Mayo Clinic,

“One of the very best things you can do to overcome the barriers that have typically kept you from sticking to a fitness routine is to schedule your workouts. When you schedule exercise the way you schedule meetings at the office, doctor’s appointments, or important social commitments, you’re more likely to make it a priority.”

Blocking off the time in your schedule for a workout will also show your friends and family members that you’re taking your fitness routine seriously. Add notes about the online yoga classes you’re planning to take to your shared calendar to minimize distractions. If your loved ones see that you’ve blocked off some time for online yoga, they can support your wellness goals and avoid scheduling other events at the same time.

This can also help your friends and family members become accountability buddies for you! Speaking of which… 


#3)  Find an “accountability buddy” to stay on track with your fitness goals

stay on track with your fitness goals with online yoga classes

Yoga Online Is Great For Everyone – Even Beginners!

Anyone can be an accountability buddy as long as you’ve looped them in on your health goals — including your online yoga goals — and asked them to help you stick to them. Find someone you trust to help hold you accountable, tell them how many online yoga classes you’d like to take over the course of a week or how you’d like to feel after you start incorporating full-body workouts through yoga into your routine, and figure out how they can best hold you accountable for those goals.

According to Forbes,

“One of the best ways to get the most out of an accountability buddy is to use check-ins as deadlines.”

Ask the friend or family members who’s agreed to be your accountability partner to check in with you every few days or at the end of every week. At that point, you can share your progress with them and report back on how many online yoga classes you’ve taken and how they’ve been going. 

You can take this strategy a step further by buddying up with another person who’s pursuing similar health goals through online yoga! They’ll be your accountability partner and vice versa. You can even take online yoga classes together! After all, teamwork always makes the dream work. 


#4)  Forgive yourself if you miss a day — just be sure to jump right back in before missing days becomes a habit

Clearly, we’re big fans of establishing a regular routine with online yoga. Getting into a yoga flow on the reg has tons of benefits for your physical and mental health.  It really is a game-changer

That being said, it’s important to understand that there are plenty of good reasons for taking a day off from your online yoga classes… and to cut yourself some slack when you take one yourself.

Remember, it’s also ok to slow things down when you’re just not feelin’ it – not every day needs to be an intense power yoga workout…a great slow flow yoga routine may just be what your body is looking for on any given day.

According to the Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University,

“The ideal number of off-days from working out can differ between people based on overall fitness level and workout intensity. Even people at the top of their fitness game, though, should consider taking one or two days off from online yoga every week — and prolonged soreness, fatigue, and loss of motivation should be a red flag to anyone that a little downtime would go a long way.”

And guess what, bulldoggers? Sometimes you just want to take the day off from online yoga or other workouts because you feel like it. And that’s okay, too! 

Missing a day or two of fitness might be just the thing your body needs to refuel and return to routine stronger than ever. As long as you push yourself to get back into your workouts, time off won’t interfere with your online yoga goals. 


#5)  Establish a reward for yourself for hitting your goals

Look, if Harvard Health recommends something, we’re pretty quick to trust it. They say it’s a good idea to reward yourself for reaching your fitness goals, so consider us all-in! “Meeting your exercise goals, even short-term ones, is cause for celebration,” the Harvard experts say. “It reflects your commitment to improving your health.”

Obviously, you are so committed. 

Start thinking now about a reward that will keep you motivated to stay on track with your online yoga classes so you can reach your goals. Will you treat yourself to a small gift, a healthy dessert, or a luxurious bubble bath? Whatever it is, make it meaningful to you… then be sure to follow through on it when you reach your goals! 

And, as always, if you’ve found yourself off track (it happens to ALL of us), don’t fret it — just dive back in!!


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