There’s no resisting it –Yoga With Resistance Bands is Good Stuff.

You’ve found a great workout. Check.

You’re confident that the new fitness regimen will help you keep your New Year’s resolutions and will give you the full body workout you’ve been looking for. Check.

Once you’ve more or less mastered those moves, though, we have a sneaky feeling that you’re going to want to up the ante even more. 

How can you make a good yoga workout even better???

If you’re into yoga classes, we recommend adding — drumroll please — resistance bands!


Once you learn how to do yoga classes with resistance bands, yoga somehow gets even better!

According to the National Institute for Fitness & Sport, resistance bands add extra tension and resistance to any movement in your workout. This requires your muscles to work a teensy bit harder — and it can be applied to yoga  workouts (both in-studio and online yoga), too! 

They add that another perk of resistance bands is that they make for much less limited workouts, especially compared to exercises that use free weights or weight machines.

So, a resistance band allows your body to use a fuller range of motion, which reduces your risk of sustaining an injury. 

As if you needed more reasons to explore resistance bands as part of your exercise routine — and your online yoga classes — consider the convenience and portability factors.

And, these bands are simple to store and can easily be packed into bags for all kinds of travel. Like our bulldog online yoga classes, they’ll make it easy for you to get a good yoga workout in no matter where you are. 

Get started doing yoga with resistance bands with these 3 moves…


Online Yoga With Resistance Bands

Great For Glutes and Hamstrings!

1)  Banded Donkey Kicks

This one will seriously work your lower body and core!

  • To begin, get into a tabletop pose with a resistance band stretched across the balls of both of your feet.
  • In this position, stack your shoulders over your hands and your hands and knees should be on the floor.
  • Keep your upper body still as you gradually straighten one of your legs and lift your foot slowly off the ground. Hold it for a few seconds!
  • Once you’ve felt a little baby burn, bend your knee to repeat the same motion (with the same leg).
  • After a few reps, do the same move on the opposite side.


Yoga Classes With Resistance Bands for flexibility and strength

2)  Banded Wide Rows

  • Start in a Warrior 2 lunge.
  • In this position, point your front foot ahead of you; your back foot is flat on your mat and at a right angle to your front foot.
  • Carefully wrap a resistance band around the ball of the back foot. Now, it’s time to get started!
  • Now, Grip the top of the resistance band with your back hand, then pull up on it until your elbow is at a right angle. Hold it for a few secs, then go back to the starting pose and pull up again.
  • Keep your front arm straight above your front leg throughout the whole cycle.
  • Complete several reps, then switch your legs and do the same motion with the opposite arm. With this band-assisted move in your yoga repertoire, you’ll see real results in your upper body! Michelle Obama arms, here you come. 


Yoga With Resistance Bands

Great Tricep Burner!

3)  Tricep Kickbacks

Here’s another upper body move to add to your rotation.

  • Set up in Warrior 1. Be sure you’re in a lunge with your feet pointed straight ahead of you and hips square.
  • Stretch a resistance band between the blades of both hands.
  • Tuck your elbows into your sides and position them at right angles, with your hands in front of you at your waist and your palms facing in.
  • Without moving your elbow from the spot where it’s tucked into your side, place the palm of one hand flat on your chest.
  • Straighten the other elbow. You’ll feel the resistance as your arm moves closer to parallel with your back leg.
  • Do five to ten reps before switching your position and doing the same move on the other side.


Here Are Some of Our Favorite Resistance Bands for Online Yoga Workouts…

All resistance bands are not created equal, and we’re partial to a few! Here are a few top resistance bands that we would recommend for testing out these new moves:

  1. LaCatrinaCreations: Our favorite thing about these bands? They’re sold exclusively in sets of three, so you can place one order and be ready to go with one resistance band at home, one in your car, and one under your desk at work. You’ll be taking advantage of opportunities to move wherever you are! 
  2. RapidStrength: You’re a skilled multitasker, and these nylon resistance bands can keep up. Somehow, they’re both soft and elastic and tough and durable. We can’t explain it, but we highly recommend it! These bands will suit all of your workout needs. 
  3. MyAdventuretoFit: These handmade, non-slip, affordable, pink… these resistance bands have everything going for them. To top it all off, they also come with a mesh carrying case! We love a good accessory. 
  4. Fitccessory: Just like the only thing better than yoga is yoga with a resistance band, the only thing better than a resistance band is a resistance band printed with pizza! Who knew something like this existed? Work your booty with this band and dream of a pizza reward for your efforts.


Once you get your resistance bands… You’re ready to try these fun classes