How to Start Yoga at Home for Beginners

We know that not everyone is an expert Yogi, in fact, because there is a lifetime of yoga to learn everyone’s beginner.

In some sense, given that most of us can’t just pop up into a handstand. There’s a lot to be said for giving yourself a strong foundation of basic knowledge.


Yoga at Home For Beginners


It’s Important to Know How to Start Yoga at Home For Beginners

When starting off on your yoga journey, after all, it’s called your yoga practice for a reason, eventually, that handstand may come as second nature to you. But until then, here are some things that you need to know before beginning our yoga practice.


What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient Indian holistic system of wellbeing.

The word yoga is synonymous with union because the practice of yoga unites your body, your mind, and your soul.

And here in the US, we typically use the physical practice of yoga as a form of exercise or stress relief.


online yoga classes for beginners

There are many different types of yoga. You can do most at home, even as a beginner

My preferred type of yoga that I both practice and teach is called power yoga, which is a very athletic style of physical posture based yoga that connects the pace of your breath to the rate at which you’re flowing through poses.

But believe me, when I say that there’s a style of yoga for everyone, you can try holding poses for a longer time in a style of yoga called yin yoga, but there’s also goat yoga.

There’s yoga on rooftops in the summer.

Try experimenting with a few different types of yoga before you commit to just one.

See what works for you!


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What are the health benefits of yoga for beginners?

Yoga is wonderful for people with lower back pain, with arthritis, with carpal tunnel syndrome.

It helps you improve your respiratory and circulatory health.

We live so much of our lives, inflection, crouching over our phones, hunching our backs and all of that actually weakens our cores.

That extension that you experienced during your physical yoga practice helps you build strong, stable core muscles and helps you better support yourself.

Eventually, your alignment on the map will translate into your life off of the mat as well.


Yoga at Home For Beginners

When do I use yoga props?

Some yogis love using props and some never use them at all. Your options are things like blocks or straps. Think of them as connectors, either bringing the ground to you or helping you reach another part of your body a little bit better.

However, props are totally not necessary.

Respect what your body is capable of. If you can’t touch your toes, that’s totally fine. If you need to drop your knee a lunch also okay.

Yoga is designed to be altered because your body is different than everyone else’s in the world – You in a pose is going to look different than everyone else in a pose.


Start Yoga at Home For Beginners

How do I know yoga at home is for me?

Just remember that yoga is for everybody. Meaning yes, your body too.

No matter how flexible you are, how strong you feel, what you way yoga is for you, it can help increase your flexibility, your strength and your stamina.

And in cases like power yoga, it also gives you a little burst of cardio too.

Yoga is really the whole package.


Start Yoga at Home For Beginners

So what should you wear to yoga at home?

The answer is simple: Whatever you want!

  • It can be leggings.
  • It can be sweat pants.
  • It can be pajamas or a bathing suit.

Wear what you feel good in.


So there you go!

You’re a little bit less of a beginner than you were a few minutes ago.

The fact that you’re doing some research right now and even have the intention of starting a yoga practice, says a lot about your ability to move forward with strength.

Feel free to submit any remaining questions in the comments down below and let us know what you learned today about the practice of yoga.

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