What Is Yoga?

Yoga is a collection of spiritual, mental, and physical practices that originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. Yoga has ties to the Hindu, Buddhism, and Jainism religions. A yoga practice can consist of movements that focus on specific body postures, controlled breathing, or quieting thoughts.

Like almost everything in our modern world, though, yoga has evolved! It has shifted from a mostly spiritual practice to a popular form of exercise around the globe.

Today, there are many types or branches of yoga, ranging from very traditional to more high-intensity, fitness-based full-body workouts. For example, you can participate in “power yoga,” which focuses on total body strength, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, a full-body yoga practice that is easy on the joints.

The variety of types, practices, and movements in yoga make it a great workout for many kinds of people because it is very accessible. You do not need to be very athletic to get started.

Yoga has also developed many use-case specific practices. For example, prenatal yoga is popular among pregnant women to help the body stay healthy during pregnancy. Another example would be Bikram yoga, a relatively recent development in the yoga world.


How is Bulldog Yoga Different?

Bulldog Online Yoga is NOT traditional yoga, and is a modern take on power yoga. It’s a true yoga workout.

We offer a variety of class styles without intimidation! Slow flow (Activate), Power flow (Invigorate), and “Dialed-up” (Exhilarate) are great examples. All Bulldog Online yoga classes are set to bangin’ playlists, making them fun, entertaining, and excellent at-home full body workouts!