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Creating an at-home yoga space can be an endeavor for so many of us!  Whether you live in a large suburban home with tons of indoor & outdoor space, or a small studio apartment in the city, finding that perfect nook to park your mat can be half the battle of practicing yoga at home!  Now, add in the layer of creating a HOT yoga space, and your options at-home may dwindle down to next to NONE!  Today, we are here to show you that practicing HOT yoga at home can be way simpler and sweatier than you think!  

Yes!  Creating heat & humidity at-home is way easier than you may realize!  So, before you knock any walls down or surge your electric bill, hear us out!  We are here to INSPIRE you to PERSPIRE at-home for free or for little cost at all!  But first, let’s talk about HOT yoga & what it’s all about!

Yes!  So, hot yoga – what is it? And why do so many people love turning up the heat while heading into downdog?  Hot Yoga is basically any vigorous form of yoga that’s performed in a very warm & humid space, typically between 80 and 100 degrees F.  And why do we torch, I mean torture ourselves w/ yoga AND heat??  Mainly, it’s because warmer temperatures make it easier for your muscles & tissue to open up, to increase your range of motion & to allow you to stretch even deeper within each pose!

Edward Laskowski, co-director of the Mayo Clinic’s Department of Sports Medicine was quoted as saying: “Heat, in general, dilates the blood vessels so it brings blood flow to the muscles… muscles need blood flow when they are working, they need oxygen that is delivered by the blood!”

 Wow!  Also, according to preliminary research presented at the American Heart Association’s Hypertension 2019 Scientific Sessions, hot yoga lowered blood pressure in a small study of adults with elevated or stage 1 hypertension! 

The heat not only allows you & your body to stretch deeper, but BREATHE more deeply too!  Hot yoga allows you to focus on your breath more & can actually train your lungs to retain more air.   

Aside from the physical benefits of hot yoga, there’s also the added factor that it makes yoga that much more challenging & intense!  It’ll get your heart pumping faster which means a better cardio workout!  

You got it! Hot yoga is a cardio-booster & a calorie-burner!  You will not only feel the burn on your mat, but your calories will burn right off!  But remember!! As with any hot yoga practice, don’t forget to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!  Drink plenty of water before & during hot yoga workouts!  


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OK!  Now that we’ve covered what makes hot yoga so popular, let’s talk about how to create that perfect hot yoga studio feel right in your own home!  First, let’s talk about room selection!  While you may think, you need a TON of space to work out at home, in order to hot yoga at-home, the LESS space you have the better to lock in all that heat!  

For any yoga space at home, you really only need enough space for your mat!  And the smaller the room, the less energy needed to heat it up & seal in the sweat!  The best room may be your bathroom, and even better if you just took a steamy shower or fill up the bath with some hot water! Otherwise, try your garage on a hot summer day, or your top floor or attic space – remember, heat rises!  

So true! Plus, if you’re strapped for space, and you’re finding no luck unrolling inside, roll it out outside!  If it’s sunny & warm outside, take your practice to the great outdoors!  Plus, connecting with nature during your practice is that much more beneficial for the mind & body – just don’t forget your sunscreen!  

Always wear sunscreen!! So, what happens if your short on space and summer weather vibes?  Another way to create heat is to add warmth in layers!  Hats, hoodies, thick socks – if you can’t create the heat around you, just add the heat to you!

So many good ideas!!  And let’s not forget the obvious – actual HEAT!  The use of a space heater is the most straightforward way to create heat quickly & efficiently for a small space. There are tons of brands & types, with varying prices!  Also, the type of space heater needed depends on a few things – the size of the room, the insulation & even the outside temperature. So, definitely do your research so that if you buy one, it’s the best to suit your space!

Pro Tip! Want that dreamy, sauna-like studio feel?  Go for the dynamic duo of a humidifier AND a space heater! Talk about an at-home oasis!

Remember with any space heater, follow all recommended  precautions with any space heater – safety first!

Finally, if you are totally out of space ideas AND layers, don’t forget you are always able to create an inner fire with your breath!  Breath of Fire is a rhythmic breath with equal emphasis on the inhale & exhale, no deeper than sniffing. It’s done by pumping the naval point towards the spine on the exhale and releasing the naval out on the inhale. It’s practiced through the nostrils with the mouth and eyes closed.  

Starting your practice with this breath can actually warm your body and create all the internal heat you may need for a fiery flow!

At the end of the day, your experience & safety on your mat is all that matters! If cranking up your space heater or piling on your ski gear boosts your experience, then by all means, get your sweat on.  However, if creating that hot studio feel at-home is causing you any stress or anxiety, it’s best to just embrace what you have and flow wherever, whenever!  While hot yoga may be addictive for some, it may not be necessary or recommended for everyone!  Always pay attention to your body and check with your doctor if you have any concerns before starting a hot yoga practice.

OK, bulldoggers, speaking of all this heat, it’s starting to warm up here; we need to go hydrate!  Remember, we’re always here for you, and with Bulldog Online, we have designed our classes to fit into ANY schedule, and we have created flows that are fun, fiery and full of tunes that are perfect for any setting.

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