The Best Online Yoga Classes: What Makes Bulldog Yoga Unique?

We know you have so many choices available for online yoga. What makes Bulldog the best option for online yoga classes? We play the best music, keep things super convenient, and we offer classes for every mood.

Find the best online yoga classes for you!


We Play the Best Music

Bulldog infuses bangin’ playlists that are custom-curated to each class.

Compared to often slow, spiritual sounds, Bulldog Online creates Spotify playlists that you’re able to download and listen to on your own.

Music is what really sets Bulldog apart. After a few classes, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without our tunes.


The Benefits of Working out to Music

Everyone has their best workout songs. Think jams that get you out the door when you’re leaning toward skipping a sweat sesh… or maybe the playlist that kicks a workout into high gear!

According to Harvard Health,

“Music has been proven to decrease stress levels, to improve brain function, and to boost mood.”

The right music can make all the difference to your fitness game. And guess what? It’s not just because you’re listening to music you like! When it comes to power yoga (and other high-power, cardio-driven exercises), there are actually proven yoga workout music benefits.

Learn more about workout music benefits.


Classes for Every Mood

We’ve got fitness-fueled online yoga classes for every level and mood! Bulldog Online has yoga classes designed for everyone from beginner yoga to yoga workouts for experienced yogis.


It’s Super Convenient

Whether you want to get your online yoga workout in your living room by following along on your Smart TV or you want to stretch outside and stream from your laptop, Bulldog’s easy-to-use app enables you to stream yoga from pretty much anywhere.


No Strings Attached

The Free Trial is a great way to sign up for Bulldog Yoga Online yourself. It only takes 30 seconds to create your profile account and get started. You can cancel any time during your trial, and won’t be charged a dime.


See What People are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out real customer reviews to see what recent Bulldoggers think about our fitness-fueled classes!