Did you know that the Bulldog Yoga Youtube Channel is chock-full of helpful videos for all your questions and ailments?


We don’t like to make a lot of our life decisions based on “what the cool kids are doing.”

Our parents discouraged us from doing this when we were kids ourselves, and generally speaking, we think that’s still a pretty good policy. (Especially since, ya know, we’re adults.)

But every once in a while, we’ll make an exception and allow ourselves to do a little exploring about what the cool kids are into. Sometimes, the cool kids get it right. YouTube is one of those times. 

That’s right — We Have a Bulldog Yoga YouTube channel

For years, the cool kids have been doing YouTube and we are psyched to now be among them.

As if the dozens of amazing yoga videos that are available through bulldog online aren’t enough, we are now spreading the love even more with totally free, totally accessible YouTube videos. Our channel is chock full of yoga-focused content that can supplement your online yoga classes. The videos will teach you more about yoga and how to maximize your time on the mat so that you can develop the best possible practice and effectively reap its many health benefits.

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Here are a few examples of the videos you’ll find on the Bulldog Yoga Youtube channel…


And that’s only the start! Whether you’re a yoga beginner or have been practicing for years, we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll find interesting food for thought over on YouTube


And none of it would be possible without the bulldog class leaders who make these videos happen

We’ve always known that our class leaders are total rock stars, but they’ve taken their awesomeness to a whole new level since getting involved with the Bulldog Yoga Youtube channel. 


Allow us to introduce you to the wonderful Kelly and Brit, stars of Bulldog Yoga’s YouTube!

Bulldog Online Yoga Youtube Channel


Her mom is a Pilates instructor, so she grew up in a studio setting.

She got into yoga when she was in college, primarily as a form of stress relief!

After taking advantage of her university’s free yoga offerings in on-campus basements, she was hooked. And then she found her way to Bulldog!

The Bulldog vibe inspired Kelly to get certified as a leader herself and the rest is history.

When she’s not leading classes, Kelly works as a copywriter in the academic and healthcare spaces. She loves being in the ocean (on a board, in a boat, swimming, or diving) or reading (preferably on a beach). 

Bulldog Yoga Youtube Channel


Brit got into yoga in her early twenties, when she and her friend tried a class to see “what all the buzz was about.”

After a few months, she started to see the effects of the practice on her mindset.

The mental health benefits kept her coming back — and ten years, later, she’s sharing those benefits with others.

Off the mat, Brit is a wife a mom to a ten-month old boy named Cameron, whose high energy keeps her busy!

She spends a lot of time with family and loves cooking, home improvement projects, hiking, and traveling. 


Kelly and Brit are very familiar faces around our YouTube videos.


Since everyone loves a peek behind the scenes of, well, anything (seriously — who doesn’t love a peek behind the scenes?), we asked Kelly and Brit to share a bit more about their experience as Bulldog Yoga YouTubers. 


Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Q +A…

We talked to Kelly and Brittany to get the scoop on all things filming, favorites, challenges, and more!


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Q: What do you hope people take away from the YouTube videos you make for Bulldog?


Kelly: It’s a wonderful new platform to share our expertise! We know how to make yoga fun, and we hope that taking the intimidation out of yoga leads to more people trying it out. For me, the goal of the channel is to help new yogis build enough confidence that when they take class, they feel informed and willing to test their own physical and mental limits so they can receive all the amazing benefits of the practice.


Brit: For me, the YouTube channel is about creating another way to connect with guests and educating and informing our bulldog family in a way we wouldn’t normally be able to via online classes. The YouTube Channel team really works hard to come up with topics and ideas for the channel that are unique, but also useful for our subscribers. Our hope is to share information about yoga topics — like Yoga for Athletes or Prenatal Yoga — in an educating, but fun and casual way!


Q: What has been your favorite video to create? Why?


Kelly: I loved filming the DIY props video we did with our fellow class leader, Michelle. She was the first guest we had in-person and came up with the idea herself. At first, it was intended for IGTV, but I knew we could turn it into a full-length video that people would love! Michelle came in and absolutely crushed it. I think we got all her tips in one take! More recently, Brit and I filmed a little workout “circuit style” video with our Top Dog Tessa for a Cardio Yoga video that was pretty funny because we tried to make it feel like an ‘80s workout video. When we played the clips back, we knew we’d nailed it! 


Brit: Probably the Cardio Yoga video! Kelly and I had a lot of fun with our special guest, Tessa. We definitely have been relaxing more and trying to make the channel less serious and more fun — more bulldog! We had a ton of fun with outtakes for Cardio Yoga and collaborating on cardio yoga sequences… and that’s what bulldog is all about — having fun, being creative, and being part of a community. 


Q: What is your favorite part of making YouTube videos for Bulldog Yoga?


Kelly: I love writing the scripts and then doing an initial runthrough with Brit before we film. I like doing research to substantiate the info we share with viewers. Our Yoga + Music video was fun to write because I had a ton of interesting books from a class I’d taken on the subject to use as a resource! Once we know we have the best content in the script, we loosen up! On filming days, we heckle ourselves and give each other confidence boosts when we mess up our lines. The more we film, the more adventurous we’re getting in spicing up our video intros so they’re as fun to watch as they are to make! 


Brit: Developing the scripts! Kelly and I work with the rest of the team on this. It’s a collaborative effort to come up with a script that is fun, informative, and creative. Once we develop the idea, one of us will do the research to write the script and the other will review and edit it. A lot of time and energy goes into each episode — and it’s evolving all the time! I also love our whole set and the whole production team. 


Q: What is the most challenging part of making YouTube videos for Bulldog Yoga?


Kelly: I think brainstorming is the hardest part. We try to think of video concepts that haven’t been done before and present our audience with information they might not already know. There’s a lot of yoga content out there, so we make sure all things Bulldog are uniquely well-researched, easy to understand, and really fun. 


Brit: Keeping the episodes informative and educational while also creating a fun, casual atmosphere and energy. Since we do spend a lot of time researching and outlining each topic we cover, it can be challenging to present all the information without coming off in a way that feels too serious. We want the topics and information to be straightforward for our viewers, but we also want our personalities to shine. We don’t take ourselves too seriously at all, so we don’t want others to! 


Q: What do you think would most surprise people about the process of making these videos?


Kelly: A fun fact about our YouTube videos is that my brother Matt is our videographer. The Bulldog pack is a tight crew. On set, it’s usually me, Brit, and Matt — and Brit’s baby, Cam, is often our mini “film crew.” 


Brit: I think it would surprise people how much time goes into making a five-minute video! The actual footage we shoot is WAY longer than that, so before it hits the cutting room floor and turns into the final product, there are outtakes, bloopers, and technical difficulties. All of that stuff is part of life, but we wouldn’t want to bore our viewers with it. Every piece is worth it and so much fun. 


Bulldog Online Yoga Youtube videos

Thanks so much to Kelly and Brit for sharing a little bit more about the process of making these videos!


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