YES, online yoga & fitness classes are a great way to ease the whole family into the back-to-school routine!


Core Points!

  • Whether you and your family are excited or stressed about heading back to school, it’s a season of change… and change can cause a lot of stress and nerves! [more]
  • Online fitness and online yoga classes are great tools for busting stress and the back-to-school blues. [more]
  • Exercise, in general, has proven beneficial for mental health. Yoga, more specifically, can Since online yoga classes allow you to exercise from the comfort of your own home, they’re a great way to help you establish a new routine in this period of transition. [more]
  • Kids and adults can benefit mentally and physically from a regular yoga practice. The whole family can participate in online yoga classes together! [more]


It’s time to get those notebooks organized and to pick up a new backpack. Bulldoggers, it’s back-to-school time! 


But just like the fresh pair of sneakers your kiddo needs for gym class, back-to-school vibes are far from one size fits all. Some families get super jazzed when it’s time for their little ones to hit the books again. Others mourn the end of summer a little more. Since the circumstances of classrooms — both brick and mortar and virtual — have been up and down so much over the last year, this season is more complicated than ever. 


Whether you and your kids are excited or bummed about the return to school, one thing’s for sure: back-to-school means change. And change can bring anyone down! 


As you and your family navigate the transition from summer to school days this year, you’re bound to need a boost now and then. Online yoga classes and online fitness might just be exactly what you’re looking for.


Yoga & Online Fitness Classes for Back to School


Change isn’t easy

Going back to school means new routines, new schedules, and new demands on everyone in your family. With your kids once again in the academic groove, they’ll need you for help with everything from carpool and packed lunches to math homework and science projects. And you’re not even the one actually going to class! 


Even if you like to think of yourself as someone who’s adaptable to change, rolling with a lot of transitions in a short period of time is sure to add stress to your plate.


According to WebMD, any major life change can be stressful. Often, when we consider major life changes, milestones like weddings, moving, new jobs, and the loss of a loved one come to mind. If you’re not giving yourself credit for getting through back-to-school season as the serious change that it is, then you owe yourself an extra pat on the back or two. You’ve got a lot going on! 


You may not even realize it at the moment, but if you’re parenting a child going back to school — or are going back to school yourself! — you’re dealing with the kind of transition that causes stress, and that stress deserves your attention. 


Feelin’ the back to school blues? 

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Online yoga classes for back-to-school stress management

Experts have been singing the praises of exercise as an antidote for stress for, like, ever


Per the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, regular participation in exercise reduces stress. Studies show that working out reduces fatigue, improves alertness and concentration, enhances overall cognitive function, decreases overall levels of tension, elevates and stabilizes mood, improves sleep, and boosts self-esteem, all of which can contribute to lower stress levels.


If you’re smack in the middle of the back-to-school blues, don’t those benefits of exercise sound that much more appealing? (Yeah… we figured.)


Many forms of exercise can give you what you need in terms of stress management and will allow you to cash in on that long list of fitness perks listed above. The key is to find a workout that you genuinely enjoy so that you’ll feel motivated and excited to show up and actually do it on a regular basis. After all, if you’re not excited enough about an exercise to do it, it doesn’t really matter how good it is for you. 


One of the coolest developments of recent years is that many workouts that were previously limited to gyms and studio settings are now available via online platforms so you can test them out from home… or anywhere else you happen to be. Online fitness is convenient and accessible and often less expensive than in-person options, which only further adds to the de-stress factor. 


Yoga — and, specifically, online yoga classes like the ones offered on bulldog online — have their own special sauce in addition to the standard mental health benefits of exercise, more generally. Cardio yoga workouts, online meditation classes, and everything in between can help you conquer the stress that comes with the back-to-school season.  


Here are some of the ways that online yoga classes can support you in the transition back to school. 

1. Help you fight stress, depression, and anxiety.

According to Healthline, many studies have documented yoga’s role in alleviating the symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. If you’re experiencing any of these mental health challenges, yoga of any kind might be just what the doctor ordered. 


Faster-paced cardio yoga workouts or HIIT-style classes can help you break out of a cycle of negative or upsetting thoughts. A slower flow can help you reconnect with your body so that you can simply take it down a notch. There’s something for everyone, no matter how you like to approach your mental health needs.

2. Can help you reestablish a routine.

One of the biggest challenges of transitioning out of summer break into the back-to-school groove is figuring out a routine that works for everyone in your family and ensures that everyone gets where they need to go. We’re willing to bet that you’re dealing with a lot of moving parts as the school year resumes. 


Landing on a workout ritual that can work into your schedule will go a long way toward helping your overall routine. Since you can take online yoga classes (literally) any time, you can choose a part of the day that works for you and commit to it several times a week. It’s one more building block in your family’s schedule that will help you feel your best.

3. Allow you to get your sweat on in the comfort of your own home.

Not sure how a gym membership or fitness studio works into your hectic school year? No problem. This is where online, at-home fitness really shines! 


Online yoga classes give you the opportunity to access top-notch fitness flows led by incredible instructors from your living room, bedroom, basement, or anywhere else where you can tap into WiFi. You won’t waste any of your all-too-limited personal time on commuting to and from the place you’re going to exercise. Thanks to online yoga classes, you’re already there. 


It’s one more reason that online fitness is an ideal fit for families heading back to school. 

4. Boost your self-esteem. 

As your crew scatters to the wind and is spending less quality time together with school in session, you might be searching for activities that are all your own. 


Committing to regular online yoga classes several times a week will guarantee you well-deserved “me time” and improve your self-esteem, since it will allow you to work on your personal wellness goals. On the days when you’re feeling a little down in the dumps about kids returning to the classroom, you’ll be grateful you made this commitment.    

Yoga & Online Fitness for Family Back to School

What about the kiddos?

Obviously, adults can gain a lot from online yoga classes during BTS, but kids of all ages can, too. Hey grown-ups, stop hogging all the benefits! (Not to mention the fun.) 


Online yoga is for kids as much as it is for adults. In fact, there’s a whole section of the bulldog online class catalog dedicated to classes for youngsters. You and your kids and teens can roll out your mats together and beat the stress of returning to school. 


Here are a few specific benefits of yoga for kids, according to


  • It helps kids develop their focus and concentration, which will improve their performance in the classroom. 
  • Regular exercise boosts their self-esteem and confidence so they can hit the new school year running. 
  • Yoga improves the mind-body connection, which is especially important since we all spend so much time in front of screens.
  • Practicing yoga has lots of physical benefits for kids and teens, as well! Kids who practice yoga get the chance to work on their flexibility, balance, and coordination. 


These benefits will be especially helpful for young people dealing with back-to-school blues. 


Tips for integrating online yoga classes into your back-to-school schedule

Are you ready to make online yoga classes part of your and/or your family’s back-to-school routine? Keep scrolling for some ideas to help you make it happen. 

  • Set aside family yoga time. If you hope to cash in on the physical benefits of a yoga practice and participate in more intense cardio yoga flows, you should probably plan to hit the mat a few times per week on your own. Beyond those exercise sessions, you might want to mark down dedicated family yoga time on the calendar. Make sure all of your loved ones know when you’ll be taking an online yoga class together so they can plan accordingly. Weekends are probably ideal, especially if you have older children. 
  • Pick out mats and/or a yoga area together. Your kids will feel more excited to get involved with a family yoga practice if you let them take part in the process from the beginning. Let them pick out their own yoga mats and work together to choose an area of your home that you can use for your collective yoga practice. 
  • Try different kinds of classes. There are many types of online yoga classes available in the bulldog online catalog, as well as custom workout plans to support a wide range of fitness goals. Let each member of your family choose a class so that the group can experience different types of yoga. You’ll see what everyone enjoys the most, what makes everyone feel their best, and what is most effective at minimizing stress during back-to-school and beyond.
  • Make it a ritual! Look for fun ways to elevate your family’s yoga practice even more. Maybe you can wind down together with a walk, visit a local smoothie bar for a treat, or cozy up on the couch to watch a movie when you’re finished. Making these additions to your yoga routine will help it become something that everyone looks forward to and prioritizes. Plus, you’ll be making family memories.

Make yoga part of your back-to-school season

Online yoga classes are perfect for taking the edge off of your back-to-school blues. Whether you’re a parent or student, you’ll benefit from online fitness during this period of change. Plus, it’s a great way to have fun — alone or with the whole family.


Beat the back-to-school blues with your whole family

Fun, family-friendly online fitness at your fingertips! 🥇😎