Meet Jane Ebby

Jane Ebby has been a professional fitness instructor for over 30 years.  From aerobics to spinning, Jane has immersed herself in the fitness world, and she brings an unmatchable energy as an instructor to class.  Yoga had truly never interested Jane before she discovered Bulldog Yoga.  Never before had Jane experienced such a fun, challenging and approachable form of yoga than with Bulldog Yoga.  

It was through her 5-year-long yoga practice online and in-studio where she discovered her desire to share yoga with others.  Jane became certified in Yoga Sculpt in 2019 through CorePower Yoga in Philadelphia.  As Yoga Sculpt combines strength (through weights) with yoga, it was the perfect combination for Jane to share her passion through teaching.  Previously awarded the popular Best of Philly for Spinning, Jane is an accomplished and experienced spin instructor.  In addition to yoga sculpt and spinning, Jane is certified in group fitness, TRX, body pump and personal training.