Hi friends. I’m Kathleen. One of the leaders from the Malvern studio.

And today I want to take a few minutes to talk to you about flexibility. So many times friends say to me, “Hey, Kathleen, I’d love to come take your class, but I’m just not flexible.”

If you’re stuck in the mindset of thinking that you can’t come into the studio because you’re not flexible. I say, forget about that.

Yoga is about the breath. And since we all breathe, pretty much anyone can do yoga.

You’re going to come into your yoga studio, park your mat somewhere, and it’s likely you won’t look like the person next to you. You won’t look like the person across the room from you. We’re all built-in different shapes and sizes, but ultimately we’re all beautiful. And we’re all capable of doing yoga.

I’m going to show you a few poses today that are going to help with spinal flexibility – flexibility in the hips, hamstrings, and calves.

So if you’re ready, I’ll meet you on your mat.

Coming into a neutral tabletop position. Bring your wrists underneath your shoulders. Knees are underneath your hips. Draw your belly towards your spine. Protecting that lower back on an inhale. Drop your belly, shine your heart forward and look up cow pose on an exhale. Round your spine. Tuck your chin gaze goes towards your thighs. Cat pose two more times then inhale. Drop your belly, shine your heart forward. Look up exhale, dong your spine. Tuck your chin. Gaze goes towards your thighs.

Last time. Inhale, drop your belly, shine your heart forward and look up at sail. Round your spine, press your hands into the back. Tuck your chin. Come back into a neutral tabletop position.

We’re going to move into our standing forward fold. You can get there any way you like. I’m going to pipe my hips up and back into a downward facing dog to get there.

Tuck your toes onto your mat. Sending your hips up and back into this inverted. V-shape drawing your core towards your spine. Gaze goes towards your thighs. Now your heels and may grace. The mat here, your heels might be here. They might be here. Even it doesn’t matter. Come into a posture that feels good in your own body. Pressing your hands into the earth, drawing your belly towards your spine on an inhale. Come up onto your tippy toes on an exhale slowly. Take baby steps towards the front of your mat. Bring your feet about hip distance apart. Now your fingertips may or may not raise the bat. They might be here. They might be here. They might be here. Doesn’t matter. Again. Come into a shape that feels good in your body. Now allow your knees to have a tiny microbead here to protect your lower spine. Draw your court into your belly, protecting again. Your lower spine. Now allow gravity to just take over here. Let your head drop towards your mat. You can grab opposite elbows. If you like creating a box around your head, you can sway side to side. This should feel good in your spine. Now the standing forward fold, you have an active stretch, active stretch in three areas and your hips and your hamstrings, and then your calves.

If you have your elbows, come back into stillness, release them here on an inhale, flatten your back. Look forward on an exhale. Dive forward, inhale, sweep your arms all the way up. Look up on an exhale. Bring your hands to heart center. Come into stillness. Allow your eyes to close for just a few moments. Take a deep inhale through the nose, fully exhale through the mouth. One more time. Deep inhale through the nose,

Full exhale through the mouth.

Allow your hands to come down by her side. Maybe roll your shoulders back. If your eyes are closed, letter them open now. And that’s it. Try and practice these poses a few times a day. Maybe pick one, maybe do all three. And the last thing I’d like to ask you to think about is one last exercise, flexibility of the mind. And what I mean by that is allowing yourself to be flexible in your mind. To know that you can do this. You can build your flexibility. You can come into the study studio and do the yoga. I hope this helps. And I look forward to seeing you soon.