What are the Health Benefits of Yoga?

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Your body wants to feel good and find ways to move that keep you healthy

Because yoga is such a comprehensive practice. Every time you get on your mat, you’re getting a full body workout.

Yoga isn’t very passive – It’s a totally active workout. Even with your resting poses, you are continuing to reap the health benefits.

When you’re holding a pose, you’re actually engaging in your opposing muscles to stay upright stacking alignment. That extension that you experienced during your physical yoga practice helps you build strong, stable core muscles and helps you better support yourself with yoga. You get practice being body aware.

It all matters where you’re grounding down, where you’re reaching up and where your hands and your feet are placed. The strength you’re building and mindful movement. You’re engaging in help protect your body from future injuries. And also your physical yoga practice can help lessen your chronic pain as well.

Yoga also strengthens your aerobic system. It uses your breath to link your movements together. So you’re not just holding.

You’re connecting the best part about yoga is that you can do it anywhere. You have all of the equipment that you need already with you, your body, and your breath check and check, right?

So maybe try a tree pose next time you’re in line at the grocery store, or next time you’re laying on the beach practice, breathing mindfully, do a little flow in your living room after work, bring yoga into the space in your life where you really need a reset.

Yoga is wonderful for people with lower back pain, with arthritis, with carpal tunnel syndrome, it helps you improve your respiratory and circulatory health.

Simply being body aware and using mindful movement totally improves your quality of life.

So, the mind and body health benefits you get will help you both on and off the mat!

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Now that you know the benefits

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