Learn the proper alignment of downward facing dog in this quick tip. You can return to downward facing dog at any point in your flow. This pose can be used to start your standing sequences or can be used to finish and cool down — it can even be a resting pose!

Downward facing dog stretches the lower body while strengthening the upper body and stimulating blood flow. A great full-body stretch and “home base” throughout your flow!

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Downward Facing Dog Instruction

Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog is likely the most identifiable pose in yoga. This pose is often taught as a resting pose but it is very active. Down dog pose tones the arms and legs, stretches and strengthens the back body and shoulders, and helps you connect to your core.

Upside down “V” shape
Hands are shoulder width apart
Fingers are wide, Pointer fingers are forward
Hips high towards the ceiling
Chest is pressing towards your thighs
Feet are hip with apart
Heels press toward the mat (Heels don’t have to touch mat)
Gaze is between belly button or between feet

Modification (for tight hamstrings): Bend your knees!


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