Yoga 201: Advanced Yoga Poses

So, when can you move on to more advanced yoga poses and graduate from being a yoga newbie?? Great question! Your mind & body will have the answers for you here. When you’re ready, you’ll be able to do advanced yoga poses and move through flows more quickly. Fasted paced, aerobic flows = power yoga … a Bulldog fav!!


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5 Signs You’re Ready for Advanced Yoga Poses

Here are the signs you’re ready to graduate from the beginner yoga flows and start something more challenging:

  1. You feel stronger than when you started.
  2. You’re smarter on the mat and can manage your alignment.
  3. You trust your inner teacher (and yourself!)
  4. Your body feels more loose and flexible.
  5. You’re more courageous and are open to try advanced yoga poses.


Remember, be patient with yourself. Stepping up to an intermediate practice, you begin to learn that everything will come together in it’s own time – and you’ll begin to be a little more patient with yourself. Difficult poses never happen overnight, and it takes a lot of practice and discipline to master harder poses. Being patient with yourself also means understanding that everybody is different, and there might be certain poses that you’ll never be able to master.

Lastly, remember to still appreciate a beginner’s mind.  No matter which level or intensity of class you partake, we know you will get something valuable each time you unroll your mat.  Whether it’s a new perspective, an alignment cue, a new pose, a creative transition, or meditation technique, the learning will never really stop.


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