How Do I Create a List of My Favorite Bulldog Classes?

Did you know that you can “favorite” any class? Favoriting classes is an easy way to create a list of your favorite Bulldog classes!


Using Your Web Browser (i.e – Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

Using your web browser on desktop and mobile you can simply click the “Favorites” button beneath the class description.

Example of your favorite bulldog online yoga class


After “Favoriting” a class you can click either Class Library (in the top middle navigation) or All Classes (from the slide-out navigation on the top right), and your “Favorites” will be the second row on the Catalog page (beneath the “Continue Watching” row).

Example of the Bulldog online yoga classes library



Using Our App (i.e – iOS App, Android App, Roku, Fire TV)

In the App you can click the “Favorite” heart beneath the class description next to “Download”.

Favorite your favorite Bulldog online yoga class on the App of your choice


To access your “Favorites” list, click on the “” icon.

You can favorite any yoga class - whether it be beginner yoga or cardio yoga


Then click on “Favorites” under “Lists”.

How your favorite list of online yoga classes can be accessed


All classes you have “Favorited” will be displayed here!

Is cardio yoga online your favorite, or perhaps a slow flow online yoga class?