Meet Sarah Woodward

Sarah Woodward started practicing yoga 10 years ago during rehabilitation from a sport injury.  She also loved the acrobatic aspect of the practice when she first started, as it reminded her of her years as a gymnast.  Sarah completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training four years ago at Tadasana Yoga Studio in Park City, Utah.  

Since then, Sarah has completed her training for 50-hour Yoga Sculpt and 50-hour Rocket Yoga certifications and is currently pursuing her 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Sol19 Yoga in Longmont, CO to become an RYT 500 yoga instructor.  

With over 4 years of experience as a yoga instructor, Sarah loves teaching yoga because it allows her to create space for others to feel good. Sarah’s classes are challenging and at the same time calming, leaving students feeling empowered and seeing that they could do something that maybe they didn’t think was possible. 

Through her own yoga practice, Sarah has learned (and is still learning she says!) invaluable lessons about herself and the world around her.  She is so grateful to be able to share the wealth of the practice and be part of a community that is working to create a more peaceful future, while getting strong and flexible in the process!  Sarah received dual bachelor’s degrees in English & French Literature from the University of Virginia.  Sarah is currently beginning classes to pursue a new degree and career in nursing!