Top 6 Benefits of Trying Online Yoga Classes

What’s up. Welcome to the bulldog YouTube channel!

Hi, my name’s Kelly and I’m Brittany and we’re leaders at bulldog yoga.

Bulldog is a community dedicated to making yoga more approachable, more musical, and more fun.

Here at Bulldog, we work to take the intimidation out of yoga, and we really try not to take ourselves too seriously.


Starting a yoga practice can be very intimidating.

The traditional yoga experience can sometimes be very serious, very antisocial, maybe even having an elitist tone to it that can really block you from experiencing the true magic of yoga and a great workout.


So how is Bulldog different? — Good question!

So at Bulldog Yoga, we are yoga rebooted, which means we know a thing or two about how to work out on our own terms. We are an athletic style fitness-focused yoga and we’re really a yoga for the non-yogis,


Top Benefits Online Yoga Classes

Philadelphia Magazine even dubbed us:

“Yoga for people that hate yoga.”


So bulldog makes yoga accessible and just a really happy environment for you to try yoga out in bulldog has physical studios located outside of Philadelphia.


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Trying yoga at home has never been easier!



And we also have online streaming classes via our website and online yoga app. There are so many benefits of starting your yoga practice at home in the place you’re most comfortable.


Top Benefits Online Yoga Classes


So here’s what you need to know about starting yoga at home online…


Online Yoga Class benefits


#1) No “Gymtimidation” with Online Yoga

The best part about trying yoga in your own home is that there’s no, gymtimidation not only is no one around to judge you for your flexibility or lack thereof, but also no one cares.

If you want to take things at your own pace, play around with some funky new things, or even take pushups on your needs. You don’t even need a map to get started with your yoga practice at home.


Online Yoga Class benefits


#2) Online Yoga … Do it on Your Schedule

When you do yoga online at home, you get to do yoga on your schedule. There’s no need to rush to the studio or a gym and find parking. Your entire workout is on demand on your terms.


Online Yoga Class benefits


#3) Online Yoga Provides Affordability & Value

Working out at home is super affordable. Not only are you saving money on gym memberships are expensive studios. Well, you don’t have to invest in the workout gear either.

Honestly, you can practice at home in your PJ’s and use shoe boxes as blocks.


benefits of Online Yoga


#4) Yoga Improves Your Sleep


According to a Harvard University study,

“Yoga has been shown to improve the overall sleep quality of those who suffer from insomnia.”


So if you’re one of 40 million people who does suffer from chronic insomnia, yoga may be the solution to your sleeping.


benefits of Online Yoga


#5) Crank Up the Music with Online Yoga

Working out at home. Let’s you amp up your music as loud as you want.


According to the National Institute of Health:

the same regions of your brain that light up when you’re performing coordinated movement also laid up when you listen to your favorite music.


So bulldog mix is the brain benefits of music, but the body benefits of yoga into one happy, sweaty, awesome brew.


benefits of Online Yoga


#6) With Online Yoga … No Babysitter Needed

With Bulldog Online, there’s no need to arrange childcare. In fact, you can even include your kids in your workout at home. You can set a great example for them.


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