These days being sick has taken on a whole new meaning.

Whether it’s the common cold or a major virus being sick is no fun. And remember the best way to stay healthy is to practice prevention techniques.


Boost Your Immune System

Today, let’s talk about how to boost your immune system with at home workout and nutrition tips.


And what better way to show you then checking in with my fellow bulldog leader, Brittany at home.

Oh my gosh, this is the most adult interaction I’ve had all week!


Streaming yoga from home is a great way to boost your immune system

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We wanted to chat with you guys today about measures to prevent yourself from getting sick.


You know, when it comes to nutrition at home workouts, good hygiene, all of these things are available to you right at home. Exactly. How do you boost up your immune system is obviously made come as no surprise, but exercise and physical activity play a huge role in keeping your immune system really strong.

So let’s take it to the experts and get into some of those basic details that we need to know about these topics.


Boost Your Immune System

According to the US National Library of Medicine,

“Physical activity can flush bacteria out of your lungs and airways, which helps to reduce your chances of catching an illness and getting sick”


And it also may help get your immune cells circulating through your body more quickly to flush everything out more effectively. All right, this little tired, one music off to his dad for a bit. I’ll be right back.

Yeah. So a good full body workout has been proven to slow down the release of stress hormones. So obviously less stress means you’re healthier. While exercise is a great way to boost your immune system, experts don’t want you to overdo it. So just keep yourself in check.


You know, even according to the US National Library of Medicine: 

“You shouldn’t exercise more just to increase your immunity.”


One way to naturally get your body moving simply by parking a little bit further away than you need to when you’re going to a store or by going for regular walks with your family, or honestly even choosing to take the stairs instead of an elevator.

Yes, I totally agree. And if you’re concerned about preserving your immunity, or if you have an underlying health condition, working out at home is a great solution to give you all the advantages of exercise with an at home yoga workout, for example, might just be the thing that you need to boost your immune system.


The National Institute of Health Nutrition says:

“A critical element of building a strong immune system is vitamin C.”


I drink emergency every day.  There’s one in my pocket right now, a little excessive.

And we all know that it’s also incredibly important to practice good hygiene too. Not only are you putting good things in your body, but you’re taking care of it externally as well.


Boost Your Immune System

According to Harvard Health,

“The first line of defense that helps to keep germs at bay is following good hygiene habits.”


Simple things like washing your hands after you use the bathroom or covering your mouth or your nose with a tissue or your elbow when you sneeze or cough. And carefully cleaning out all cuts and injuries does a lot more good for your body then we often think that it does. Yeah. It’s just such a crazy time right now.

So, okay. Bulldogs, that’s really all we have for now.

We may not be able to guarantee that these tips will prevent you from getting sick, like ever again, but experts have proven their ability to boost your immune system and keep you as healthy as possible.

And you being healthy is exactly how we want you.

So just be careful, stay strong, stay healthy.

Thanks for hanging with us to discuss all things, immunity and being bulldog strong

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