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Simple Instruction 

Instructions taught in plain English (no Sanskrit)

Killer Playlists

Practice to energetic music from Pop to Hip Hop to EDM!  

On Demand Classes

Flexible classes ranging from 12 to 60 minutes  

At home yoga, on the road. On demand - Any time, Any place. Bulldog online is your one stop shop for all-around online fitness.

What the heck is "bulldog" yoga?

Bulldog yoga combines strength training, flexibility, and energizing music for an uplifting, total body workout you can do any time, any place. The best, most fun online yoga in the known universe!

Stream classes that fit your schedule with tons of options, including... 


Your whole-body workout for the day. Ambitious, stimulating and pretty darn aerobic.  


A “dialed up” version of Invigorate for an extra cardio and strengthening challenge.  


Set to calm music, works your entire body in a dynamic “slow flow” class  


Quick and easy way to get your bulldog on, classes are 12 to 30 minutes in length  

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