Balance Poses

Balance poses offer a challenge in concentration and endurance while building strength and coordination.

power yoga and cardio yoga
Eagle Pose

Eagle Pose

Strengthens through the hips and thighs, and allows a stretch in your calves and ankles. While your arms are in the eagle bind, enjoy a nice stretch in the upper back.

Top thigh wraps over the bottom thigh, squeeze legs towards one another
Wrap opposite arm under top arm, option to bring palms together
Arms squeeze together and elbows lift to shoulder height
Forearms press away from face, shoulder blades draw apart
Bend knees and bring weight into heels, hips sit low & face forward
Press firmly into all corners of bottom foot
Gaze is forward and soft

Modifications: Kickstand your foot out wide if balance is a challenge. Grab opposite shoulders with your hands if your shoulders are tight.

Dancer's Pose

Dancer's Pose

Strengthens the legs, improves balance and core strength, and stretches the shoulders. Dancer's pose also opens the hip flexors if the hand is able to bind onto the foot. This pose improves balance, focus and concentration as well.

Bring weight into one leg (grounded leg), press firmly into the grounded foot
Bend the opposite knee and send this leg behind you so your heel is close to your glutes
Reach the same side hand back towards your floating foot
Start with your knees together, then hinge at the hips and let your torso move towards the floor while kicking your floating foot into your hand
Reach your opposite arm high to the ceiling or forward
Hips are squared forward, level with each other
Chest expands forward and up
Gaze is slightly forward

Tree Pose

Tree Pose

Tree post improves balance and stability in the legs while strengthening the torso. If your gaze is forward or lifted, find additional challenge to find stability and a sense of balance.

Stand with feet hip width apart
Shift weight into one leg (grounded leg), press firmly into the grounded foot
Lift the opposite knee into your chest
Grab the angle of your lifted knee and bring the bottom of your lifted foot into your inner thigh, calf or kickstand (not into your knee joint!), pressing firly
Palms are pressed together at your heart or reaching above to the ceiling (grow branches)
Option to lift your gaze towards the ceiling or keep it forward

Modification: Try this pose against a wall or chair for extra support & balance.