It may be hard to believe, but the holidays will be here before you know it, and it’s time to start making a plan for holiday shopping.

Black Friday is a great opportunity to get good deals on the perfect gift items for all of your loved ones.

You might be asking yourself “When is Black Friday 2019?”

Black Friday is always the day after Thanksgiving. In 2019, Black Friday will be on Friday 29th November 2019. On this day, most major retailers open very early in the morning, often at midnight or even earlier.

Black Friday 2019

Why is Black Friday called Black Friday?

As Kimberly Amaded, a US economy expert, puts it:

“It was originally called Black Friday because the volume of shoppers created traffic accidents and sometimes even violence. Police coined the phrase to describe the mayhem surrounding the congestion of pedestrian and auto traffic in downtown shopping areas.”

Our Black Friday 2019 Guide is your key to making your holiday shopping list (and checking it twice!) so you’re ready and waiting with awesome presents for all of your friends and family members.

Let’s make some wonderful memories this holiday season!


Trending Gifts for Her

Stop wandering stores and scrolling endlessly online trying to figure out what to buy. Instead, think carefully about the woman you’re shopping for.

How can you use a gift to show that you know and love her? Here are some tips for picking the perfect present for all the ladies in your life.


Pamper her.

Black Friday 2019

Pampering products are almost always a win, especially for someone who typically doesn’t treat themselves.

Stores like Bath & Body Works offer pampering Gifts for Her and gift sets around the holidays to help you gift your friend or loved one everything she needs to feel like she’s at a spa when she steps into her bathroom at home.

Bonus points if you help her make time to actually use those pampering products!


Let her shine.

Buy a gift that shows you understand the person’s interests and aesthetic. A beautiful silk scarf in their favorite color or a necklace that matches their favorite blouse are classic options. Department store Black Friday deals are a great place to start looking for these kinds of items!


Help her show her power.

Use your gift to show that you recognize their accomplishments. Gifts that align with what she does — like organizational pieces for a home office or a book to inspire her in her work — can offer a perfect balance between luxury and practicality.


The Top Gifts for Him

Shop for the men in your life by thinking about what they like, what they want, and what they need… then look for great Black Friday offers accordingly!

Here are some other thought starters (they might look familiar!):


Pamper him.

Some men don’t think to pamper themselves on a regular basis, so choose a few high-quality men’s care products.

Think about shaving cream, lotion, hair products, or even Black Friday Men’s Beard Products — to make your loved one feel special every time he uses them because chances are they’re going to use them eventually.


Let him shine.

Let the dudes on your list shine by finding products that align with their interests.

More stores than ever are stocking products for different fandoms (video gaming, movies, etc.) so you can find something that will capture his interest and show that you know what he likes.

I mean, have you tried VR (Virtual Reality) before?

Clothing and accessories are good, too!


Help him show his power.

If you’re shopping for a man who likes to use his hands, you’ll have plenty of options for Black Friday shopping.

Support his DIY projects by checking out deals in the Lowe’s Black Friday ads or also with Home Depot Black Friday deals.

With a present like this, you’ll show that you recognize what he can do and encourage him to work on hobby projects all year round.


Other Gift Ideas You Can Try

Who says you have to stick with traditional gifts? There are plenty of other ideas in addition to the suggestions above that you can use to show you care about your loved ones through gift-giving. Here are a few alternative gift ideas.


Plan a trip.

Interactive gift, anyone? Traveling together is a great way to build lifelong memories, so whether you want to go on a road trip somewhere close to home or satisfy some wanderlust by taking your friend or family member to an international destination, a trip is a fantastic gift.

You could even try a surprise travel agency like Pack Up + Go. Yep, we said surprise travel agency and it’s as cool as it sounds. See how it works here.


Make their home more homey.

Instead of giving a gift like clothing or jewelry that showcases your loved one’s personal aesthetic, buy them something for their home that adds to their decor.

Pick up knick-knacks, wall art, and other decorative items to match their existing design. Whenever they see your gift around the house, they’ll think of you.


Help them achieve their goals.

People often set goals for themselves (like improving their physical health or boosting productivity), but they don’t always take the first step they need to actually get started.

You can gift them that first step! Online yoga classes and at home workout apps, for example, are a good way to encourage health-related goals for your yoga-loving friend. You can even go with them to share the experience!


4 Shopping Hacks to Know

A good Black Friday 2019 Guide wouldn’t be complete without tips to make the experience easier. Some people love Black Friday shopping, but others dread it (crowds! chaos!).

Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, you can use these tips to help the experience go smoothly.

#1)  Have a shopping list before you leave the house.

Holiday shopping season is not the best time to browse stores without a clear idea of what you want to get. With Black Friday chaos, it’s best to be prepared with a list of people to shop for and ideas of what they might like. Save browsing for another day when it’s not so crowded.


#2)  Look up the locations of the stores you want to visit.

If you’re shopping at multiple stores, consider the best route. You don’t want to go back and forth across town several times to get your shopping list completed. Organize your shopping by store and location.


#3)  Give yourself extra shopping and driving time.

It’s bound to be crowded out there on Black Friday 2019, so even a quick Black Friday shopping trip is going to take time.

Don’t expect to run in and out of a store quickly, even if you only need one item. Give yourself plenty of time to drive from store to store and go in with the mindset that this round of shopping is going to require more time than usual.

Be patient and take it one step at a time.


#4)  Take care of yourself!

Even if you enjoy Black Friday shopping, it can be more stressful than other shopping experiences. It’s important to take care of yourself!

Take breaks to eat and drink when you need to, rest between stores so you don’t overexert yourself, and don’t feel bad about breaking up a longer shopping list into multiple days of shopping (even if it means missing a few Black Friday deals).

It won’t do anyone any good if you push yourself too hard and end up sick.


Black Friday 2019 Guide Recap

Holiday shopping can be a fun experience, especially when you find that perfect gift at a great price thanks to Black Friday sales.

Just remember to…

  • Get gifts for him or her that will let them shine.
  • Always think about new, alternative gift ideas.
  • Follow our shopping tips to help your experience this season.

We hope you use our Black Friday 2019 Guide to build your shopping list and plan your shopping experience so you can keep those happy holiday feels going. The more you can plan for Black Friday now, the easier it will be.

After that, you can focus on enjoying time with friends and family with all of your shopping behind you.


Do you have any deals or gift ideas you want feedback on?

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