The Best Free Workout Apps Make Getting (And Staying) In Shape So Easy!  “Back in the day”, we didn’t have fancy phones and apps galore to help us keep on top of our fitness goals (not to mention every other kind of app), but we sure do have them now! 

The online fitness revolution has made getting access to great fitness professionals super easy and affordable.  Workout apps, like the 16 we feature below, allow you to get your fitness anywhere, anytime.  


To make it easier to find your next favorite workout app, here’s our list of the best free workout apps:



  1. Nike Run Club (iPhone | Android

Best Free Workout Apps

The Nike Run Club app bills itself as “your perfect running partner” — and that’s no lie! Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a total newbie, you’ll find the perfect companion for hitting the trail, pavement, or treadmill in this free workout app. In it, you can track your runs, access audio-guided runs, participate in distance challenges, customize plans to fit your goals, and swap motivation with your friends… all in one place. And all for free!


  1. RunTastic (iPhone | Android)

workout app

Not sure the Nike app is the right fit for you? Give the Adidas counterpart a try! (So much of life is just like shoe shopping.) Runtastic allows you to track your running in real-time, take a deep dive into your running statistics, and get training advice from a customizable Voice Coach. If you’re especially motivated by your loved ones, you can invite them to record cheers directly into the app, which you can then listen to while you’re on the go. 


  1. Couch to 5K (iPhone | Android)

best free yoga app

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to integrate running into your wellness routine? Are you just trying to get off the couch and out the door with your running shoes on? If your answer to either of these questions is “yes,” this free workout app is perfect for you. The Couch to 5K program has helped many running rookies get in basic running shape, and it can do the same for you in the palm of your hand.


  1. MapMyRun (iPhone | Android)

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If you feel like you just need a little map to success in order to up your running game — see what we did there? — this may be the best free workout app you can find. Customize training plans, get personalized tips, connect with a community of runners of all levels, and (duh) map your runs. Happy running, bulldoggers! 




  1. Strava (iPhone | Android)

Best Free Workout Apps 2020

Strava can actually be used for running, cycling, and swimming, but we’re extra big fans of the way it supports users who are into biking! This free workout app makes it super simple to track your performance and progress over time. Compare recent rides with older rides, set goals, challenge your friends, and track your position on the Strava overall leaderboard! 


  1. Map My Ride (iPhone | Android)

Best Free Workout Apps

What MapMyRun does for running, Map My Ride does for biking. Use this app to track and map each and every ride. You’ll get feedback and statistics on an ongoing basis to help you improve and meet your cycling goals. As an added bonus, if you’re in the market for friends who share your interest in biking, Map My Ride is 40 million members strong! 


  1. Cyclemeter (iPhone | Android)

Best Free Workout Apps 2020

Are you a sucker for maps, graphs, charts, and all things stats? Enter Cyclemeter, “the most advanced application for cyclists ever designed for a mobile device.” Use it to access your splits, intervals, zones, training plans… the list goes on! You’ll have more information about your biking than you even know what to do with. 


  1. Trailforks (iPhone | Android)

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Mountain biking fans, rejoice, because the Trailforks free workout app is the answer to all of your routing needs. Keep your rides interesting with the help of your new digital BFF, a database of more than 130,000 trails. You can even access trail details offline for those remote rides.




  1. MyFitnessPal (iPhone | Android)

Best Free Workout Apps 2020

MyFitnessPal is an ideal tool for supporting your overall wellness goals… and it just happens to be free. Use it to log your food intake, track your nutrients, and even stay on top of your hydration goals (you gotta put that reusable water bottle to work!). MyFitnessPal simplifies what can be overwhelming processes — weight management or weight loss — with a database of six million foods you can easily add to your log (including restaurant items) and a barcode scanner for store-bought foods. 


  1. Fooducate (iPhone | Android)

Best Free Workout Apps 2020

The primary goal of this app is in its name. Fooducate is all about educating its users about how to eat better so they can feel their best! Use this free health tracking app to track everything from food intake and macros to exercise and energy levels. It also offers free tips and support from nutrition experts and Fooducate community members. Need further convincing that Fooducate is a good find? It took first prize in the U.S. Surgeon General’s Healthy App Challenge.


  1. Lifesum (iPhone | Android)

Best Free Workout Apps 2020

Like other health tracker apps, Lifesum offers users a simple interface for tracking food, macros, nutrients, and more. It has a barcode scanner to allow you to easily log food you purchase at the store. Our favorite part? The recipes and meal planning resources! We also love the bright, motivating colors.


  1. Daily Water Tracker Reminder (iPhone | Android)

Best Free Workout Apps 2020

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, adequate hydration is a key element of a healthy lifestyle. It regulates body temp, keeps joints healthy, prevents infection, delivers nutrients throughout the body, helps organs function, and can even improve sleep quality and mood. Now that you know how important drinking water is, it should hardly surprise you that there are apps out there dedicated solely to keeping you hydrated. The Daily Water Tracker Reminder app is one of our faves. Use it to set a daily water intake goal, program reminders, and celebrate when you hit your hydration milestones. 




  1. Sweatcoin (iPhone | Android)

Best Free Workout Apps 2020

Getting new stuff is very fun. And with Sweatcoin, you can cash in this app’s exclusive currency — yup, sweatcoin — for wellness goods, services, and experiences! The Sweatcoin app tracks your steps and rewards you for your movement with goodies to support your health and fitness goals. 


  1. Streaks (iPhone)

Best Free Workout Apps 2020

For bulldoggers who love to challenge themselves and lean into good habits, we’ve got the perfect app for you. Streaks lets you choose up to twelve habits that you’re working on and track your progress on them every day. There’s so much room to customize with timers, colors, icons, and more! 


  1. Seven — 7 Minute Workout (iPhone | Android)

Best Free Workout Apps 2020

If you love workouts that are quick and efficient, then you’re definitely going to think this free workout app is fun! Seven offers up workout sequences that are — you guessed it — seven minutes long. You can choose the areas of your body you’d most like to work on or focus on full body workouts


  1. Bulldog Online (iPhone | Android)

Yoga App - Bulldog Online

We might be just a littttle biased, but we’re pretty confident that the bulldog yoga app is one of the best workout apps you can find! Bulldoggers everywhere can use it to access our high-energy, straight-up fun yoga classes set to awesome music that you may already know and love. 


Oprah agrees… Oprah Magazine includes Bulldog Online in their list of best yoga apps!

You can read more about the Bulldog app here.

No matter which workout app you end up using, just be sure to always be prioritizing your workouts. To take full advantage, you’ve got to work on staying on track.

It’s up to you to fit your workouts into your schedule.


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