Dudes, we need to talk.

You may have gotten some bad information about online yoga and who it’s intended for.

Maybe you’ve seen lots of photos of ladies getting out their yoga mats and flowing through an energy-packed yoga flow, but haven’t seen many pics of men doing the same.

Maybe you tend to think of yoga as a workout for busy moms. But it’s time to forget everything you thought you know about online yoga! It’s not just for women.

Have you ever considered trying online yoga for men beginner classes?


Online yoga for men is the real deal – the realest deal

So if you haven’t tried online yoga for men beginner classes yet, it’s time to ask yourself why

The good news is that you’re not the only dude thinking of exploring men’s yoga for beginners.


online yoga for men beginners

According to The Good Body,

“The number of American men practicing yoga more than doubled between 2012 and 2016. And while 72% of yoga practitioners in 2016 were women, the percentage of men getting involved is on the rise.”


Now that online yoga classes are available to make the practice accessible for you no matter where you are, we have a feeling that there will be even more dudes trying out online yoga for men beginner classes


If you’re new to a men’s beginner yoga routine

Let’s get serious: you might be feeling a little self-conscious about those first few classes. It can feel awkward to teach your body to do something different, especially if you’re used to knowing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.

Be honest — you’re cautious about becoming a yoga guy because you’re worried about looking or feeling silly! We get it. It’s totally natural. 

Online yoga for men beginner classes remove that pressure entirely. You’ll be in the comfort of your own home without a roomful of people to make you second guess yourself.

We pride ourselves on keeping our community and our brand of power yoga extremely approachable, anyway — everyone’s welcome in our pack! — but it doesn’t hurt to be on your own turf. 


Come on, guys… it’s time to get involved

If you’ve ever wondered if you would enjoy beginner yoga, now is definitely the time to give it a try. Doing yoga online and at home is an absolute game changer.

Need further encouragement to test out some online yoga for men beginner classes?

The health benefits of yoga for men, specifically, should do the trick. 

mens beginner yoga

Check out these health benefits of yoga for dudes…

Per the University of Rochester Medical Center:

  • It fights poor circulation and high blood pressure. 
  • It can ease the symptoms of arthritis. It’s great for pain relief
  • It can boost flexibility and mobility, even as you age. 
  • It helps you gain better balance.
  • It can prevent injury, thanks to that increased flexibility we just mentioned. Because it has the potential to improve your posture, it can also minimize the aches and pains that come from daily life. 
  • It can reduce headaches. 


Did we mention that power yoga is a hell of a workout?

Yoga — including online yoga for men beginner classes — is also a really freakin’ great workout. Why? Because we do power yoga around here! Power yoga is a cardio workout just like running, spinning, or lifting weights.

In a power yoga class, you move through poses in quick succession, which gets your blood and heart pumping. Plus, you’re holding your muscles in yoga poses, which helps you build strength and stamina. It’s a great addition to any strength-training routine you already have in place… and men’s yoga for beginners has plenty of its own unique advantages. 


Special Benefits for a power yoga workout routine

Here are a few of the other special benefits you can gain, according to Men’s Health

  • You may experience a boost in your sex life. Researchers in India did a study of men who struggled to perform sexually, some of whom were prescribed medication and others who did yoga. All of the yogis experienced an improvement in the bedroom. Only 82% of the men in the medication group could say the same. Light the candles and prepare for some serious romance, guys!
  • You’ll be more productive at work. You’re not the only one who struggles with distractions on the job. We’re only human! But it never hurts to find new tools to help you focus — and online yoga for men beginner classes can be one of those tools. In addition to its physical benefits, yoga is known for being a mindfulness practice, which is why it’s been proven to help workers feel more resilient and less fatigued. 
  • You may feel less stressed. The stress-fighting benefits of yoga have been proven by scientists right down to the cellular level! One study showed that people who do yoga suppressed the activation of certain genes that cause inflammation, which is a stress response. Many of the physical benefits of a power yoga practice — reduced heart rate and reduced blood pressure, to name a few — are also linked to lower stress. Couldn’t we all use a little less stress? 
  • You’ll get better sleep. Even if you’re not a full-blown insomniac, you probably wish you could sleep more soundly, more consistently, and just… more. It’s tiring to be a human. If you want more rest, you may want to give men’s beginner yoga a go. Many studies link a yoga practice to higher-quality sleep. This may be because of the physical exertion required for a yoga workout or because of the way it encourages you to regulate your breathing. Regardless of the why, more sleep is always a good thing!


Here are some online yoga for men beginner tips

*These will help you feel more confident and ready to jump in: 

  • Start with the basics. There are plenty of options for yoga newbies in our catalog of online classes. Activate classes focus on slow flow yoga. They are a good place to start and will really help you get acclimated to the poses you’ll need in all of your yoga workouts. We also offer warm-up and Bulldog Basics classes to get you in the flow. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with beginner yoga classes, you can move on to any of our many other choices. We’re here with anything you need — slow flow yoga, power yoga, sculpt, and more! 
  • Check out our custom workout plans. Need help figuring out how to structure online yoga classes into a fitness routine that will keep you moving in the long-term? Our Beginner Yoga Workout Plan might be just what you need! It lays out the classes (some slow flow yoga, some cardio flow yoga — a little of everything!) you should take every day for four weeks. By the end of those four weeks, you’ll be hooked and ready to explore or other Custom Workout Plans
  • Keep it simple. You don’t need much to get started with an online yoga practice — just enough space to put down your mat and move your limbs around. You can stream online yoga for men beginner classes from any device, too. Keep your yoga setup simple so you can focus on getting comfortable with the poses and gaining confidence on your mat. 
  • Get your friends involved. If men’s beginner yoga is new to you, chances are that it’s new to at least a few of your friends, too — and they can probably benefit from it as much as you can! Ask your friends if they want to check out some online yoga classes, too. You’ll be able to trade notes on the experience, plus you can help each other be accountable to your workout schedule.


We actually just released 2 new online classes with you — the bros! — in mind.

yoga for men

Alright, guys. You’re on. There’s never been a better time to try online yoga for men beginner classes. You’re going to dig them.

You can be one of the first to try them out:

  1. 25-Minute Invigorate Yoga for Bros with JLo
  2. 25-Minute Activate Yoga for Bros with Patty